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Happy independence Day USA!   safado 71j     my little man in some Diesel--he has a new pair of Diesels being shipped right now. I cant wait
Cult of Individuality. They are made in LA
michael kors chronograph yep il check it out
You will make me a fan of these! Id never heard of them until you wore them but these close up shots really strike me.
oh those are great. They remind me of my custom made boots by Brandi Devers.
I like you in Thanaz   Hey this is amazing. You did really well sizing down and pairing with this shirt
Marcus, yes both 29 MIJ   They look good. Size down one if you can but if you cant they still look good.    raws and jakes and leaden sky---after wearing this Diesel shirt today I decided I dont like and Im selling it. I dont want anymore indian heads on my shirts
yeah nice and pretty dog
distress oiled with my boots by Brandi Devers              Fuel to the Fire   clawmarks with my new KVA bag
I would like to see pics. What size did you pick up in raws? You mean from AW 12? I have some from SS12 and they arent that great. Where are pics of what youre referring to?
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