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thavar-ne 662l today with vince hoodie diesel boots and Belther 840x with hugo boss shirt and diesel boots the day before that        
a couple days of outfits: Sleenker 633L, vince hoodie, diesel boots   and today belther 838n, vince hoodie, sm boots          
slightly yes, it is not even noticeable to me except in photos
pretty sure he is just trolling
thank you so much!
i havent worn them enough to know for sure. I have only worn them about 4 or 5 times. They havent yet but im sure they will.
Diesel boots T TECH by Tumi coat vince sweater Saint Laurent Paris made in japan d03 19cm raw denim  
repeat from Diesel thread:   slp mij raw d03 vince sweater Diesel boots Tumi (T Tech) Coat    
real once again
  eta: Just realized you commented on your own. Why? They aren't fake at all.
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