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the 833l is a really cool mix of colors. When in lower light it has a greenish blue effect. It more light it gets more of a brownish green and blue effect. I really like both of these. I believe Ill keep both.
here are both under lighting  
and actually, researching your post got me checking that MII pair out. I just ordered that one too. 
@Jennifer  -- I have purchased some from nord rack that were specifically made for factory stores, etc. They are usually made in the USA. But I have bought a lot from nord rack that are just old season stuff. The tepphars I got have detailing that would not be there if they were factory. You can tell which ones are factory because description will normally say "made in USA" . A lot of them are factory but not all. There are even some MII washes...
yes the colors are true representation. I like them a lot. They have cool details. The color is not the same as Diesels site though. Also, I size up with Tepphar so I decided to size up with Sleenker too. best decision I ever made. I am normally a 29 or 30 in most cuts (with 30 being a more comfortable fit), I sized up to 31 with this sleenker and both my Tepphars.     ETA: YEs blue eyecon
Today I got in my first pair of sleenker. I got the Sleekner 0833L. I also got my Belther 0840x in. Here are the pics: The 0833l is a LOT darker than Diesels site shows   sleenker 0833L         Belther 0840X    
@Dieselicious those are the ones I bought. What wash is that?
Nordstromrack.com has diesel sale. Just bought some tepphars not sure the wash
they fit well. 827k is a good nonmii wash so I'd probably like these too
Yeah that sucks. They love to release the best washes on cuts that nobody wants
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