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Raj, those are sick!
freeradical, dude those are great on you. Braddom fits you like Thavar fits the rest of us. Perfect man. Im glad you found that cut. Diesel knew what they were doing there
welcome to the club. Yours do look lighter than ours
I had to change a tire and work under my vehicle a little yesterday. I figured it would be a good opportunity to get some good wear on my Raws.      Then today I wore my leaden sky
fit pics!!!
I guess I should update this a litte bit since my collection has changed some over the past few months:     MIJ Raw 19cm Blue Crash 19cm Jake AW12 17.5cm (What LVR calls Jake UMC) Distress Oiled 19cm   Leaden Sky 19cm Clawmarks 19cm  Fuel to the Fire 19cm Work A Day 17.5 Navy Blue Twill Jeans 19cm Rack Rail 17.5     What I owned previously: Crash and Repair 19cm(sold immediately and never wore--too small) Jake 17.5cm size 29 and 30 (too big--sold) Hazed over 19cm UMC 07...
very nice. I almost bought that top shirt. Also, we need fit pics of the jeans!
Im more of a Dior Homme guy. I just spent a bunch of money on the luisaviaroma sale anyways so Im done buying for a little bit!
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