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okay great. now on that bottom picture, if you were to align that dip with the back portion of the waistband you would get the true measurement of the waist. This measurement does not do me any good because it is not a full measurement. If I need something that measures 17" across and someone tells me that their product measures 17" across but they fail to properly align the waistband then the product would not actually fit me when it arrived. So I can look at your...
yeah i hate fedex..they usually dont come to  me on sat
great fit on everything. congrats on the pickup! it fits you flatteringly. and cole haans are classy
you are measuring the inseam wrong. You are supposed to pull the fabric along the length of the measuring tape so that you measure all of it. The way you are doing it causes much of the length to be unaccounted for in the measurement. If you are doing your other measurements in this same manner, that could mean none of your measurements are accurate. When you measure the waist, do you align the waist on the floor with the natural dip that occurs along the front of the...
and what kind of alteration has been done to the crotch?
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why is the inseam so short? Are they hemmed?
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