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yes they are a mix of 888p and 8x2---my favorite pair of joggs yet, and they are limited release. They only have them at Nordstroms in the USA and there is one place on Rakuten that wont ship to US--there is some random places in Europe that have it too. But this pair is going to be hard to get ahold of once it is sold out. In fact, it is the only pair of Jogg jeans that I have personally seen with the flat outseam. I posted this information in the "latest purchase" thread...
If only that were a 30....siiiggghh
rocked the newest pair of Diesels today: Thavar NE 664x  PRPS Wool Shirt 49di51 shoes
I meant how much did they cost you? Lol I think they look good. I prefer to have some jeans too big in the waist and fit everywhere else because I wear belts every day anyways. I wanted to know the cost because of how crazy expensive people were lettting 8sv go for @Denim Collector--8bt is one I almost owned but never pulled trigger on. I like the wash though. Fit is on point too
My home in New Orleans has Saks 5th---Mostly Safado there. There are some other cuts too but Safado is dominant. Also, they have lots of Thavar. They have very few of the newest cuts except for Belther and Buster. The Bloomingdales in SanDiego has tons of Safado too. 
these are d03--that would be 19cm?
hugo boss    I got my Saint Laurent Paris Made In Japan Raws in today. I got to say I love them. I got them in size 31. They are stiff and boxy right now since they are new raws, but  I can already tell they will be right on once the break in period is over. I am happy with them for sure.  
I sometimes cry at night when I think about how I no longer have my darron 8sv.   phukette, looks good. How much those run you?
yeah but Krayver even more than anything! I think Thavar and Safado should get all the good washes. They've withstood the test of time. I'm a big fan of belther so I hope that cut stays and gets more of the good washes
haha yes! You are both so right. In the USA, jean shorts are considered poor taste but in Europe it can be in style. In the USA it isn't just the red necks, but it is also gang members and middle class suburban white kids who want to look like gang members.
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