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@Aahz --man you rock those 886b's well. Im sad I ever sold mine. 
these dont look bad on you either. I may try this cut just because
fit isnt so bad actually. Would you consider the Krayver a fit similar to Braddom or are they looser in the thighs? What size do wear in Krayver compared to other cuts? I am thinking of maybe buying a sized down Krayver just to try it out. Im interested in your response before I do this.
Why does Diesel do this? Why put out the best washes in the weirdest cuts only? They go through all the trouble of making this nice, expensive wash and only put it on Narrot or something like that. It is really annoying.
post pics when you get a chance @vikd 
sweet. get really good detail pics please@!
No they fit very small. They also do not make skinny.  The s003jp is more like Safado. I should get a 32 in these (my 33 is just slightly too big) and i wear a 30 in safado ( i can even fit a 29 in safado if I want really slim)..
The fit on those Nudies are spot on. The outfit goes well together 
Vince Coral Hoodie Ben Sherman Boots Sleenker 0833L 
A lot of non japanese brands are pretty tough to fade. Samurais fade fast, but also the buttons are iron so will rust off, and the untreated denim will fray and burst when dirty and stressed. So it makes for some cool patchwork at the end.
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