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one of the best outfits ive seen recently!
I dont really think too many people that pay attention to low end denim are on forums discussing the denim. Most of the people on the forums will be denim snobs who pay anywhere from $350-$1000 for a pair of jeans.
Thavar-NE 662L  Vince Wool Hoodie Quilted Hoodie by (some cheap brand--I think it is called Sovereign Code) Serafini shoes  
Yeah I have seen this stuff happen before as well!
Its Charlotte Russe--I doubt you will find too much of a following for anything by Charlotte Russe here. I honestly could not even point you in the right direction of where to go to find your answers.
I like my sleenker to fit like that too. looks good. Too tight in the thighs ruins any cut for me
Yes, it very well may be one of those really spot on fakes. So you bought from this particular seller before? If so, did you post feedback for the transaction stating you were sold fake Diesel? If not, then why not? You should do so immediately to help deter people from getting scammed. Do you have better photos of the fakes you were sent?  When people ask us for advice on authenticity of items we take it seriously. We never want to give a yes or no based on fuzzy or dark...
im saying post pics of you wearing the Gustin items
they look good. Darron/Belther are my favorite cuts, They wear well because they are not too tight in thighs (like Safado) but taper to Thavar-like at the hem.
well list post some fit pics!
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