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real MII raws it looks like
No they are Black Clawmarks. Not black raws
my size 29 clwmrk fit me best out all my dh imo   those measurements look okay
safado 71j 3 days ago   and my son in his diesel outfit shorts and shirt(with water all over it)   safado 882b today and little man in diesel tee
yeah i thought that would happen yeah he will have to size up one day nice but one size too large maybe... what wash?     work a day yesterday
buy diesel thavar 880g
19cm just has a different tone that's better IMO
Go with clawmarks for sure and since theyre MIJ they will be higher for you in back
Man it sounds like they are impying you sent them a pair they didnt send to you! They look so much better on you than they did on me. THey fit you perfect!   Im sorry but there was nothing wrong with the jeans you were wearing in those pics. 
definitely the 19cm Jake is my favorite.
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