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Great ideas!
Do you know for sure it is Diesel? Im looking at the hem and it doesnt really look like a Diesel hem
it does seem like it would be Tepphar 8y9. But I dont want to say that is definitely is and then it turn out not to be turbo.   eta: 8Y9 doesnt have the colored back pocket stitching either. So it isnt. The denim doesnt look the same either.
yeah the Dior are the best for fit IMO. I want to size up to a 30. There is not a softer denim in the world than when Diors get broken in. They feel like a thicker jogg jeans.
those Momataros fit amazingly. I wish my samurai fit that way. I will post some fit pics of my samurai for you to see. They are similar to safado
okay will do! The krayvers fit is dissappointing but youre right that they are made that way. i hate that. ... Anyways to dry my tears I just bought the Belther 838N--(got the last 30*32)---I tried to get several washes but almost every MII 30*32 wash is sold out.
Here is the Tepphar 0827y    
looking good Royce   --I got a few pairs of jeans in today. needless to say it was a bust. I got my Krayver 0838G and the fit sucks sucks sucks. They are awful. I like my fitting looser these days but this is waaaay too loose. I cant even size down cause  I could barely close the waist up. Diesel lost a sale here by only making this wash in this stupid cut. I want to give Diesel my $350 but cant. Because there is no other wash I want at the moment except this one. And I...
Today I wore Belther 830Z  Vince Sweater  Steve madden boots
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