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  These are real. Are these the ones you sent back to LVR?      Dude for life of me I cant understand you. There is nothing fake about the Clawmarks you have. I dont love LVR. I could give a crap about them and if you had a fake I would have no problem telling you. Its getting ridiculous that you keep saying LVR wont own up to a mistake because unless you sent them a different pair of jeans than the one you keep showing us here, they sent you the real deal. There are some...
nice I wore mine today too!
Thanks the shoes are "49di51" --- I dont think hemming DH is a good idea.    About shoes. It really doesnt make too much a difference. Boots and hightop shoes stack the best either 17.5 or 19
yeah  a lot of us own clawmarks here. I own the indigo version though not the black. 
wow nice
those are real     e.denim only sells legit stuff. You can always trust what he sells Yeah but that could 400 dopes who dont REALLY know diesel and the two in the last six months could have been folks like us. Ive had ebay account for years and I have ZERO negs for selling fakes.
that hangs on my wall waiting for an intruder to attempt to hurt my family ;)
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