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I wore my new Diesel tatradium Basket butch combat boots in gray suede Saint Laurent Paris Paint Splatter jeans 17cm vince sweater  
This is posted in Diesel thread too, but since the jeans are SLP, I thought it appropriate to post here too SLP paint splatter 17cm vince sweater Diesel boots
yeah they are nuts. out of curiosity I went to check the site out today. Sure enough, it is dead. The girl  I am referring to that owned it was also a doctor I think. Her name is Idalis. Wasnt she the owner?
got them on diesels site for $130. They can prob be bought online on ebay. only place i see right now is 6pm in size 28 http://www.6pm.com/diesel-belther-tapered-0830z-denim?zhlfid=139&kpid=33933327&kpid=33933327 the fit of belther, including rise, is exactly like Darron
by new owner do you mean that girl with the black hair ( icant remember her name)?  She and everyone on the site bullied me because I had scripture in my signature. 
Belther 830z vince sweater SM shoes
yes pro is is great in detail shots
can you do a pic with better light? They look and fit good from what I can see
kind of, they were made for the sole purpose of being sold at discount. They were made to be sold at TR outlet stores or Nordstrom rack, etc
yeah AF sucks. But anyways. Those are real. They are factory outlet versions, not full retail
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