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wesc Tepphar 827y creative recreation
great fit. And my house stays a mess. I don't care that much. In fact, a lot of my pics are a disaster in the background.
hard to say. I always like ssense and cultizm pics for comparison. 
nice. What boots are you wearing in these pics? they are amazing
real. prob baracuda
yes irony--meaning the statement was the complete opposite of what the intended meaning was--he said "accurate pic" and linked Diesels site, which is known for their wildly inaccurate pictures. It was true irony.    also, I understand that you are saying that the particular pic from Diesels site is accurate. I was just making a joke. No need to get bent about it though
i do like burberry. I have just collected a lot over the years. 
"accurate pic is here" links to Diesels online store...lol the irony
@Novartis --this guy asked you this a week ago but it was held in moderation que til now
nice!!!     Wore my SLP MIJ 19cm  raws again today--Happy Easter!    Burberry London shirt SM boots burberry jacket  
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