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I think you wear them both very well
This is after I have worn them a few times and they have given a little at the waist. The waist started out at 15.5" aligned. Now it has stretched to 16.5, thigh: 10.25, rise 9.5, inseam 37.5, leg opening 7.25. The leg opening is suprisingly larger than the 28's. The 28 I owned had a leg opening of 16.5 or 17 if I remember correctly. Having it go up to 18.5 in one size is odd but maybe it is due to different seasons or something
they better start finding a way to make the denim softer if they keep jacking up the prices!
they are 8in
yeah i think its perfect price. a 27 should be okay. they fit similar to CM
I'm glad you decided that! I think you might wish you would've sized up in a couple years because you will grow some. I'd need to see a rear shot to know for sure how I think they fit right now
Saddock can help you out with that year of UMC
Thanks! Thats because I tapered them in the calve to fit like Thavar!   Thavar 886b today
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