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i almost got both of these but ended up getting the diesel boots and SM boots and shoes instead
they were once my fav too. I keep a couple pair around now just because. I have some shoes that only look okay with slim straight. And I have some twill pant Safado for dressing up occasions.
Safado 816p Hugo Boss shirt SM boots        
yeah every wash is different for sure
they are real and not S2D
so cool.  I love these. Thanks for the detailed pics. They look great. I like this wash a lot
How do you like your Tepphar to fit? I like mine to be not so tight. I wear a 30 in Thavar and I upsized my Tepphar 0838v to 31 in order to facilitate a bit a less thight fit. You can search for my fit pics on the latest purchase thread or what diesel are you wearing today threads for an idea of how sizing up made the jeans look on me. If you dont prefer that look, then go with normal Thavar size
haha, man those APC 's are sick. Someone put some time into those. Nice vans too
i got several pairs of shoes in today. I have one more on the way \Diesel Tatradium basket butch combat boot (longest boot name ever) in gray suede     Steve Madden Troopah leather combat boots       Steve madden leather mid tops    
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