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Im pretty sure the jeans you have as your avatar are fake. You have the posted in the pics as number 1
thanks bro. Its 55% off at Saks right now. 
nice wash cant wait to see
yeah or you could email LVR and ask them once the jeans get to the stores
speaking of college, I have so much studying to do this week,. I wont be posting my outfit pics until after my test on thurs
pretty sure they are Darron 65Y
BPX was the first Jogg jean Diesel put out last year. It retailed at $220 and is made of knitted denim, not Jersey like a lot of them are now. The wash on these is much nicer than some others IMO.    I wore my Thavar 880g the other day with my new Burberry top and my son is hamming it up
yes it is.   wore my raws yesterday
looks like the salt wash actually. I could be wrong though
Work A day is nice. Also rack rail
New Posts  All Forums: