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yes pro is is great in detail shots
can you do a pic with better light? They look and fit good from what I can see
kind of, they were made for the sole purpose of being sold at discount. They were made to be sold at TR outlet stores or Nordstrom rack, etc
yeah AF sucks. But anyways. Those are real. They are factory outlet versions, not full retail
love'em. I have found that some of the nice MII brands on Yoox are brands no one has heard of. I have some shoes from yoox that are leather high tops and no one would ever know the brand name. I have also bought several pairs of boots recently. I will post pics once they arrive.
looking good guys.  @ColdSteel --I have those same boots on the way. Except I bought gray suede because I already have two pair of black combat boots. 
wesc Tepphar 827y creative recreation
great fit. And my house stays a mess. I don't care that much. In fact, a lot of my pics are a disaster in the background.
hard to say. I always like ssense and cultizm pics for comparison. 
nice. What boots are you wearing in these pics? they are amazing
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