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yes those kids diesels look legit     i think you may be right about it being fake....though I would say it is close to 886b...this is a tough one to call without the microstamp photo. photos are fuzzy..prob on purpose to confuse people. Though a lot of details are on point, there are one or two things that are not right. This certainly could be an irregular pair, but I would not take a chance on it.---rivet is missing from outseam area of coin pocket. distressing is done...
SLP MIJ Raw 19cm Vince sweater steve madden boots burberry jacket          
is that a marketplace seller?
Diesel combat boots (I think it is time to replace these honestly. I have had them forever) Diesel Hoodie Saint Laurent Paris Made In Japan Raw 19cm denim. --These are brand new so still very stiff and rigid. They are like cardboard and fit like cardboard. If they are anything like Dior Homme, once they break in they will be super soft and fit nicely.  Diesel belt as well          
I dont think you will regret it. PRPS is life changing. It opens a whole new world of amazing washes up to you. PRPS and Diesel make jeans a work of art. PRPS is very different than Diesel though. PRPS always look and feel expensive. Sometimes Diesel's less expensive pairs look the part. PRPS, whether expensive or less expensive, still gives you the look and feel of "my jeans are better than yours". 
yes fake---if you are looking for Super T, the back waist label stitching should be thick like the rest of the stitching. The same goes for Big T. You will never see regular diameter thread on a back waistband label with super or big t stitching on the rest of the garment.
nice MCU jeans
yes they are a mix of 888p and 8x2---my favorite pair of joggs yet, and they are limited release. They only have them at Nordstroms in the USA and there is one place on Rakuten that wont ship to US--there is some random places in Europe that have it too. But this pair is going to be hard to get ahold of once it is sold out. In fact, it is the only pair of Jogg jeans that I have personally seen with the flat outseam. I posted this information in the "latest purchase" thread...
If only that were a 30....siiiggghh
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