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i havent worn them enough to know for sure. I have only worn them about 4 or 5 times. They havent yet but im sure they will.
Diesel boots T TECH by Tumi coat vince sweater Saint Laurent Paris made in japan d03 19cm raw denim  
repeat from Diesel thread:   slp mij raw d03 vince sweater Diesel boots Tumi (T Tech) Coat    
real once again
  eta: Just realized you commented on your own. Why? They aren't fake at all.
those jeans are perfect 👌. If I still like TR then I'd be all over those. They are 100% real.
I'm very sorry but you have no idea what you are taking about. Those are in no way shape or form PRPS. They aren't even close
they are Levis. While I am sure there are fake levis, I think it is more likely this guy is pissed he just paid $25 for these used Levis on ebay.
Welcome to denimblog!  man this outfit kills it. I love the contrast between the whole thing. very nice.
d01 yes I believe so but which season it is from im not sure about! My d03 19cm are the made in japan raw denim. Mine fit me in between a thavar and belther (which I guess would be like Buster). The old Dior 19cm were slimmer fitting believe but I did size up so maybe that is the issue. Anyways the 17cm were more like Thavar or PRPS Demon. The 15.5cm are like Sleenker.  
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