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Hey man I have the new aw12 Jakes too. (you called them AW13 I think) -- Are they the ones LVR called Jake UMC?? I*m curious to see your to compare to mine. I like these much better
The tint is VERY similar to the Safado 882b -- I would say it is very brown on the thigh and all but on the outer parts its DARK blue   Work A Day  
They are right in line with how the newer Jakes have been fitting. They are big compared to older model Jakes
My New "JakeUMC" or whatever, actually just new Jake release with better browner tones and darker denim     Distress Oiled       Difference between the new JAKEUMC from aw12 and Jake from SS12    
btw the jake reissue is still 98/2 and MII --not 100 cotton and mij as it stated originally
no they are MII 98/2 -- they are literallly just a Jake reissue with a different tone than the others Thanks. The amount of medical knowledge you must know to be a nurse is unending. I dont think Ill ever get it all
yeah Dior stretch keeps form like a champ     I got my Jake UMC in today. They are cool. They are darker color and they are much browner on the legs than Jakes from the previous seasons. Very cool. I bought a size 29 and they fit perfect They may surely just be rerelease of Jake but they are a different color than the 2011 and the earlier versions, Ill post pics later
Height has a lot to do with how much Growth Hormone is secreted by the anterior pituatary gland. If you catch it early enough you can take something like somatoptropin (GH analog basically) to increase your total height. It can add up to 6 inches. The only catch is you must start BEFORE your epiphyseal plates are closed. Basically that means you must start treatments before your bones  stop growing. Otherwise you will see signs of giantism/acromegly. You will get awkward...
I ordered them too. Mine will be here in two days 
yeah they have some. Waxing Moon, (semi-waxed)leaden sky, sharp notations
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