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Hey guys its been a while. My life is still nonstop. I bought a pair of Diesel Darron 8qU online. The color is labeled as Golden Yellow. When you saw these in person would you say they were actually yellow or more khaki/tan?    I hope married life is going well for you Phukette. You are doing a great job here too BTW. 
remember these super brown (almost green) jake umc 2012 from lvr? they lost the green tint after one wash and look ten times better now. i dont have time now but ill have to post pics later so you can see how they look now.
  HERE IS A PIC OF THE Jakes you linked up. All three of the Jakes on LVR in my collection
I havent seen these until now. I love them! They fit you great and the wash is so cool; and marcus those chinos are fantastic Thavar 888p today  
cool summerday   rack rail   Jake UMC --So brown I LOVE it!
great I cant wait to see the pics. Mine are certainly darker too. I wouldve kept both if the other ones had a higher rise. These have a higher rear rise than normal which is great
I got my son these Diesel shorts a while back since its too hot for him to wear his jeans. I forgot to post pics. They are reversible. This green side and the other side is grey. This is the other side of the shorts plus his Diesel tee and chuck taylors   He wore this Diesel shirt the other day
Hey man I have the new aw12 Jakes too. (you called them AW13 I think) -- Are they the ones LVR called Jake UMC?? I*m curious to see your to compare to mine. I like these much better
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