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im saying post pics of you wearing the Gustin items
they look good. Darron/Belther are my favorite cuts, They wear well because they are not too tight in thighs (like Safado) but taper to Thavar-like at the hem.
well list post some fit pics!
  buy them and return them if you don't like them. They have so many awesome color details that make them unique. It has dark brown weft that gives it very nice undertones.
youre making me jealous with those man. great fit!  belther 840xhugo boss shirtFrye shoesemozioni uomo jacket      
rambler has funny fit like that. I cant wear it because it is too tight in waist --next time try demon in size down awesome cant wait to see pics---keep in mind PRPS fits smaller than DIesel(but ive never worn Fury so not too sure about that cut)
***AND HELL NO I DO NOT WEAR SANDALS WITH MY JEANS--the tile floor was cold so I wore them to take pics***I love this wash so much. It is one of my favorite Diesel washes in a long time. I wanted to post some good detail pics of this pair because Diesels online store does not really get the details of the wash as good as I would like. This wash is one of those washes like 8x2 or 888P that will be classic for years. There are so many colors to the denim that pop out in...
Oh I may piss some people off with this post. Im enjoying my American freedoms today: out in the woods shooting one of my AR15's. I dont get to put too much wear on my Samurai's. So when I wear them, I like it to be outdoors stuff where I can really get them faded well. So Im playing in the dirt in the woods and shooting my guns today in my Samurai jeans.  north face fleece Nike Combat boots Woolrich Tactical Hat with Larue Tactical Airborne Parachutist Badge patch AR:...
which fit did you try? they are all slim fit. barracuda is the safado like fit, while demon is more Belther/Thavar mix and Rambler is slimmer still. fury im not sure about
belther 838n(i talked down on these so much when I first got them but I love them now) burberry button down steve madden shoes  
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