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Emailed diesel online store where I bought the jeans from, got nothing useful......
The original one has diesel trademark on it, so I prefer to replace it with the same one. It seems that ebay doesn't have something like that, at least I haven't found any.
Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone is aware of somewhere to buy zip fly for diesel krooley jeans. One of mine needs to be fixed. Anyone has any source for diesel zippers? Thank you.
Isn't Krayver like Krooley, which has a kind of wider leg width than I want? Actually, Nudie's Grim Tim also makes me quite satisfiied. Sadly, as a diesel fan for many years, I can't find a cut that perfectly fits me.
Hi fellows, does anyone know if diesel has such a cut that has a thigh width as krooley or darron and narrow leg like thavar or shioner? My thigh is kind of thick so wearing thavar or shioner make me look kind of like wearing women's legging. But I pretty much like narrow leg opening. As a matter of fact, I found Eddy from WESC fits me perfectly. But diesel got so much characters that you can't let go. Any input appreciated. Thank you.
I'm wondering why Diesel make jeans made in Italy without the three Italian colour strips, as far as I know, some IAKOP and Larkee-T have this situation. Does it mean the quality of those jeans would be compromised? Any thoughts?
Agree, the best cut for me is not what I want to be classic 5 pockets design, sad...
Diesel underwear is now my own choice because it fits me perfectly. I heard that it used to be made by Victoria's Secret.
Nope, just as the same size as Krooley. I enjoy Krooley's leg cut, but hope thigh part can be a little tighter so can be looked slimmer, Well, darron can't give me that, it's for sure now.
A few days ago I bought a Darron 75L online considering it's claimed to be tapered cut. The reason I chose this cut is only because I felt Krooley was kind of loose. So after checking specifications on Diesel Japan that showed that Darron 75L had the same thigh width, I got it. But after first glance and try, I'm pretty sure it's more like straight cut, evan like Safado. The thigh part is some kind of tight for me and makes me a little bit unconfortable. I'm confused and a...
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