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First, Thanks for taking the time to help me decide my size in some other diesel washes!! i really appreciate it and would like to hear your thoughts to which size i should get that would fit me.   So, i am planning to buy a pair of Diesel Safado 8e7, Diesel Timmem 8e7, and Diesel Zatiny 74f. I own a pair of diesel safado 8ym size: 30 waist/ 31 inseam. I am confused to what sizes should i get for the jeans i have listed. I also don't have access to diesel...
i am looking for a pair of diesel darron 8e7 in size 32. also, diesel safado 8e7 in size 31. it need sot be in good condition let me know if you have any of these  
hi i had a question about the diesel safado 8ym, i bought a pair and they are perfect except for the thigh runs a little tight. I was wondering if these jeans do stretch and fit to my thighs if i wear them a couple of times. If anyone know this info. please answer and i really appreciate it. thanks
anyone has a pair of darron 8e7 in size 32 for sale. looking for a good deal. let me know. cheers
i am looking for a pair of darron 8e7, or safado 8e7. Size 32 W, 32 L. anyone has one for good price please PMme  thanks
does anyone has a diesel darron 8e7 size 32  for sale. i am looking for one badly but a good deal only. if you do, please PM me asap thanks alot
cheers ,
hi i am looking for diesel darron-8e7 in size 32 W, 32 L. if you do have one, please pm me . thanks alot
hey i am new to this forum. i am looking for a pair of diesel darron-8e7 in size 32. if anyone has one for sale in a good price.  please PM me. thanks
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