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paypal dispute?!! I have never had one that's claims that the jeans that I sold was fake before, this is the first time.. and it was sold months ago, now he's filing a claim saying that the jeans are fake. Paypal has placed the amount of the transaction on hold, what should I do next? most importantly I guess is: WHAT can I do?? HELP!!!
MOD: Please delete this thread, thanks. NO MORE POST HERE, THANKS.
Quote: Originally Posted by strawberryshortcake I'll be the odd one out. Simply laid flat like that, I don't see the appeal whatsoever. The front single breast pocket is a little bit distracting as well as the two side pockets. The proportion of all three pockets seem "out of place." From the back, it looks more acceptable. I think G-Star does a little bit better in the jacket's department, definitely not all, but quite a handful. Exactly. And...
Quote: Originally Posted by hipslikemonroe post pics of you wearing it... will do tomorrow
Quote: Originally Posted by fncestudent how does it look on you? looks great that's what makes me want keep it!!
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe88888 where can we buy it now??? diesel stores? from me
Quote: Originally Posted by elabyrinth Agreed these are super hot, always thought they were the best 88s by far. They didn't seem to have much popularity though, I recall seeing a whole batch of them on ebay for 120-150 BIN. you gotta be kidding me.. retail is $370
Reckfly Special 88s:
she offered me $85 before the price was dropped, it was $150
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