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lol @ $130 not surprising...
Yes definately 100% authentic. I like to research before I buy from a new website and contacted them to make sure beforehand. I've ordered from coco96 a few times now and the items I received were brand new with tags with original boxes etc. Packaging is basic but prices are very reasonable! High quality items for great price with fast next day postage.   Check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coco96/482084428526106?ref=hl
Thanks for the info MachineLearning. All I needed to know, will have my order down shortly.
Thinking of buying these from http://www.coco96.com The fit and wax work looks amazing and Karl Lagerfeld knows his fashion!! What you guys think?  
http://www.coco96.com  for rare Dior jeans.
Thanks for sharing http://www.coco96.com Just got some DH Jakes SS 2011 in 17.5cm cut with huge discount and their awesome.
For months and it still does it... thats weird you should contact support maybe theres a glitch somewhere?
Kitty, it normally takes 24 hours for the thread to be submitted. If its been longer than that then go to your account> click all posts> copy and paste your original thread in a new thread in the section you want it in. That worked for me.
Thanks for responding Ruth, I resubmitted and it worked. Appreicate it.
Hi, I submitted in the selling section but it says because Im new the moderator has to check everything is okay with my thread. How long does it take for my thread to be submitted? Anyone know? Thank you!
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