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If base of the photos from ssense, that should be the 8880m.
e.denim   they have mostly old season stuff in BNWT. fair price. Shop with them before pretty satisfy with their service.
Thanks Baltimore.
just checked the description from Zappos, and its 80% cotton and 20% linen. so its the same as the 600s from cultizm.
they are the same i think. they might just wrote the number wrong.   maybe rizzice can confirm the material content from his 660s.
if you order right now, it should be the dark one.   dont think they ever sold the light color one.
That's a nice color. Dont know if the chi tight will be the same? With herringbone pattern of course.
Do you guys have the pics of both version?
Do you the actual pics? Might be able to give you some comparison. The only color difference I know is the color of 2 back patch (standard big patch and a smaller one next to it). in 1 version, the 2 patches are the same color, the other one they are different. However I don't know which wash is consider to be blue or grey.
Thanks baltimore. But I think that's 801d, not the chi tight. @ Pryv75, the inseam is proportion to the waist, and they are not all 32l especially for the small waist. My chi tight is 30w, and it's about an inch or so longer than the 29w which I also tried. I can get you the actual inseam of my ct for reference if you like.
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