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Thanks everyone for all your help. @ Jeanetic, I live in California. Glad to hear there will be no additional fees. I'm think of buying the DBG. Any opinion? [=http://www.cultizm.com/product_info.php?info=p1796_Diesel-Black-Gold-Excess-8BT-Jeans-Hard-Worn.html][/]
Thanks for all the good feedbacks.    How about return or exchange? Did you guys ever had to do that?
^ thats a great deal. Did you use any code to get that price?
Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying some diesel from cultizm, this will be my first purchase with them. Can anyone share some shopping experience, good or bad at cultizm? Also, is there any duty & tax fee when they ship to CA? And, does anyone know of any discount code that I can use? Thanks for the help.
Great comparison pryv75. I personally think 888p looks more like 880m.
Thanks for the info guys. I would love to give it a try.   I never consider DH before since they are much more than diesel. But if it's $300 like jeanetic says, I have no problem trying it.   I usually wear 32L for diesel, do you guys think DH might be too long for me?
Hi jeanetic,   Nice fit. Can you tell me the inseam on it?   I was going to buy 887k. But I might give your DH a try (it will be my first).      
Love the last 2. Can't wait.
@ Phukette,   Nice outfit. What's the brand on the leather jacket?
why not get both?
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