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would love to have these washes in thanaz. although shioner is pretty similar to thanaz.
no shioner 74y and tepphar 68z on US diesel site. 
yes, but he doesnt have the size i want.    looks somewhat close to 8DK? i will need to see it in person to be sure.  
i need the same thing but ship to USA.
anyone know the price on Tepphar 68z? and is it available?
i only checkout the wash, didnt pay attention to the price, sorry.
i will get it if i can find my size 31x32.
hi binker boo, what size did you get for 74Y? is that your normal diesel jean size, size up or size down?   thanks for letting me know.
saw the 74Y in larkee in store. its allot like 8YM with more detail and more dirty. will for sure get the shioner (larkee not a fit for me) once i can find one in my size.
talked to a Diesel store manager today, it seems both Shioner 74Y & Tepphar 68Z will not be available for US diesel store. lets hope they will be available in department stores, otherwise i have to look for them oversea.   also, there will be 5 different jogg jeans this season, 2 for krooley, 1 for tepphar, and 2 more which i cant remember the name. and one of them wash looks allot like the 8X2.   saw the darron 886A, its a very unique wash (sorry no pics guys)....
New Posts  All Forums: