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Very nice 888p fit pics guys. I think since so many here has it, it will be cool to have a "888p fit pic thread". Just my 2 cents.
@ jeanetic, are you talking about thanaz 660s?
^ congrats on the new jeans and welcome. With 888p, they are super unique, and has many different shades of blue/yellow from pair to pair. If you just do a search here, you will find posting/fit pics of them and they are all different. I say this is one of the best washes.
+1 on 71j
For 75g, you can always call up the diesel 5th ave store and place a phone order. Or you can have your local diesel store order you one. I did that, and I love mine.
With how nice 888p is, don't think it will ever be cheaper, or at least not in my size.
Oh right, I forgot you have one already.
Oh I see, worth of try, LOL. Glad I pick up the 30.
The smallest size at this price is 30x32.
Love it Karacho, 886b -- one of the nicest grey Jean. Good buy.
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