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^ i think its only available in 32L. i might be wrong though.
Don't think they will stretch much since it's a pretty thick denim. Thanks for the measurements rizzice. I think my 30s is only about 16 aligned. I have to redo to make sure. But Im glad I got the 30 instead of 31 now.
Looks good gpoop.
Love that one rizzice. Can you tell me the waist aligned measurement? Thanks.
Can't wait for the fit pics binker boo.
^ nice fit rizzice. Is that the same size as your 8x2? How the fit compare with 8x2?
Maybe something like this? http://store.diesel.com/us/slim-skinny_cod42224181qp.html#bottomPage
Love the 888p. But it looks almost the same as 8x2 tho. Maybe is the lighting.
Damn, out of my size. Hope the store will have it.
where can i get this? and does it come with other washes?    
New Posts  All Forums: