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I don't think it comes in 31w.
Went to the store, saw couple new season washes. Safado 801c, it's nice, but I'm not super crazy about it. Brown color thavar, sorry I don't remember the wash code but it's like the 8qu brown and it's also a fashion pants. A dark blue indigo Shioner, it's very soft, but boring to me. They also got the Braddom 660r herringbone. I was really into this one until I saw it in person. It's a huge disappointment for me, 887d is so much better. On 887d, the herringbone detail is...
They are nice. I'll try to get one. Thanks.
Which common project is that?
Hi, On Photo 5,6,7,8, you can see a black stripe on both outside part of the leg, what is that? I don't recall 8ww ever have that.
Does no one know where to get this boot in 41 or 42? I want it bad.
Does anyone know when will the 50% off sale going to happen?
Hi everyone,   Please help me locate this boot in size 41 or 42.   http://www.swear-london.com/shopping/men/swear-logan-ankle-boot-item-10175886.aspx     Sorry I have to post it in Diesel section since I dont know where else to do it at. My apology.
http://www.swear-london.com/shopping/men/swear-logan-ankle-boot-item-10175886.aspx   Looking for these boots in size 41 or 42. If anyone know where to get them, please let me know.   Thanks.
What I do is either wear a belt when sizing up or when it's tight around thigh sit the waist lower. But the best idea will be to try them out in store. Sometimes you will find one that's perfect fit on both thigh and waist.
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