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Fit pics Art?
Sideways, please let me know how they fit. I'm also 30 in thavar. And debating between 30 or 31. Your feedbacks will bw greatly appreciated.
^ Interesting, I'll need to check them out.
Keeper, you won't regret it zdenal.
IMO, the cotton used in MII is better than non-MII. This is just my thing about diesel jeans and I know most members hear will disagree.Hopefully they will have 2 available. Good luck to you.Also, I recall you own excess, can you tell me how they fit? Will excess 30W be smaller, same or larger than thanaz 30W in the waist and thigh?
Not sure how the whole pricing thing works with them, but as soon these go on sale, I'm all in. Hopefully they still have my size by then.
Thanks for all the great suggestions guys. After looking over everything, I might try diesel chrom. Also, might want to try this Zara one as well. Never had Zara shoes before, any feedback on them? [=http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/us/en/zara-us-S2012/189538/674572/SOFT%2BANKLE%2BBOOT][/]
Actually, I see $5xx when I sign in. But regardless, that's still expensive.
Btw, the bandanna in the back pocket is removable. In case you were wondering.
Yea, I'm waiting for that sale date as well. @ Baltimore, 29w might be too small for me. I asked them about the waist size before and 30 should fit ok. So no worries there buddy.
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