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  Nice find qwerk. Does coggles offer any free shipping or any discount code?    
  Nice boots sideways. Can you tell me how do they fit? What's your shoe size and what size  are these?  
@ relentless,   Thank you for letting me know. Did try to purchase from him, but didn't get it at the end. Still trying to contact the guy.
  Only if diesel will re-release 73j again, one can only hope.   Since we are on the 73j subject, I'm looking for size 31x32. If anyone is selling theirs, please let me know. I'm willing to pay top $$$, especially for excellent condition.    
Well, diesel should just retire thanaz if they keep doing these boring wash.
  That sounds interesting. Do you remember the cut of the jean? Or maybe some special detail about it?   I do agree if diesel are not going to put more attention on thanaz, they should stop the cut all together. Don't ruin this classic cut.     
^ exactly what I was thinking. 
got any pics of this orange DBG?  
Need some help from my fellow diesel collectors.   As title states, looking for thanaz 73J in size 31x32. I lost some weight recently, and now my 32x32 is too loose. I'm willing to pay top $$$ for it especially if it's in excellent condition. If anyone is willing to let theirs go, please pm me.   Thank you for reading.
New Posts  All Forums: