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I think the lighting makes a huge difference. The 3 on the wall really stand out because of that. The safado will look even better if were on that wall.
Very nice, thanks lorna. I love the first photo of the 3 jeans on the wall. The left and middle one looks to have the same stripe detail as on 887d, and the middle one seems to be thanaz/thavar. First on my buy list if the production one is identical to that. The right one could be one of those "classic" diesel wash like 71b. Also interested to see IRL.
I say if you really like the wash, go for it. Plus with 888p, there are so many different shades of the wash out there. I personally have 2 888p.
^ those are sweet saddock. Makes me want to get one and do the same.
I agree with freeradical, diesel pics are too misleading. It's best to see them IRL.
71B.. Classic
Selling my thanaz 73j in 32x32 I bought this off this forum few years back. Although it was big for me at that time, I really wanted a pair so I got it anyway. Now that I lost some weight, I cant even wear it with a belt. I worn this less than 5 times. Never altered, was washed by previous owner (if I recalled correctly). Still in great condition. Waist aligned: 17" Thigh: 11" Inseam: 33" Please pm me your offers as I'm not certain on the price yet. But serious...
Love them both Marcus. I was going to pick up the 72c, but bought 888p instead. I think it's similar enough, and the best part is no ass dragon.
All good. How do you like those thanaz? I heard they are pretty rough when worn due to their rough texture, do you feel the same way?
So nice on all of them tovani. I love the color of your 888p. For the Shioner, I don't think that's 74y. It should be 74z?
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