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Love that one rizzice. Can you tell me the waist aligned measurement? Thanks.
Can't wait for the fit pics binker boo.
^ nice fit rizzice. Is that the same size as your 8x2? How the fit compare with 8x2?
Maybe something like this? http://store.diesel.com/us/slim-skinny_cod42224181qp.html#bottomPage
Love the 888p. But it looks almost the same as 8x2 tho. Maybe is the lighting.
Damn, out of my size. Hope the store will have it.
where can i get this? and does it come with other washes?    
@ weenie, Do you have more info on this Desmo cut? Looks similar to thanaz
Thanks Baltimore
^ Damn, I wish 30x34 is still available. I don't think that's a thavar. The description says thanaz.
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