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You can?!? Can you tell me how? I can't never figure out. I have 4s
Yes, very similar. I can try to get you measurements if you like. I don't own 8sv, sorry.
@ pryv75, do you upload photos from your iPhone photo album directly, or do you upload to photobucket first?
My 73j and 8x2 are the same size, 30x32
Saw one on eBay awhile back, but that's yet.
Saw one on eBay awhile back, but that's yet.
Didnt know there were 2 different version.
Just ordered thanaz 806r from cultizm with their 10% discount. Hopefully the jean looks exactly like their photos, fingers crossed.
I want to get it, but not at that price. Waiting for the discount in few month.
I really like this trench coat. Anyone has any experience with diesel trench? Quality? Sizing? http://store.diesel.com/us/jackets_cod41334595xk.html
New Posts  All Forums: