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Cool, let me know how they are.
Something simple, like a solid black or blue raw, maybe a grey chino. That's a nice jacket too. But I have never Zara jacket before. Don't really know how they fit
I don't own this one so can't speak from experience. But with most raw, it should be tight fit in the beginning, and it will stretch after wear, turn to perfect fit. This one looks like super tight on thigh, so it might be wise to go with regular sleenker size, unless one has super skinny leg
Little long but totally ok. Tepphar should be worn with stacking. Did you go with your regular size, or size up or down?
Sweet, I was interested in that jacket, but didn't want to pay full retail for it.
Just saw the email notice, will browse tonight.
Jacket fits fine, not too short at all. It looks shorter if the shirt inside runs super long. Keep the length like the white shirt, it will be ok.
Oh cool, let me know how you like it and the fit. Really interested to get one too. Thanks.
@ phukette, Sure thing buddy. @ leftvapor, Where did you get the 806q if you don't mind sharing?
@ phukette, If you going to buy 8s9, remember there is the MII and MIT version. I recall the color on MII is much better.
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