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Great looking pair 806t. Just hope the leg opening is narrow enough.
It's all about your tolerance on below knee and leg opening; very narrow go for tepphar, for roomie go for thavar. Waist and thigh are pretty similar for the two.
Thanks for the advice.
Too bad.
Got photos?
@ freerad Pretty nice, but its going to be retail for over $300.
Good to know. Thanks guys.
@ pryv75, So I should get S?
But those are 1 expensive jogg.
Thanks for the info Baltimore. The one I'm interested is either the 807g or 600u which are older washes. I was planning to try other washes in store for reference, but from what you said, I guess that won't do me any good now. Does anyone have info on how these 2 washes fit? Thanks.
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