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Sorry crappy photos. Not wearing today, I'll do better when I'm actually wearing them They are almost identical to my sleenker 827k in all the areas
Those are nice jeanetic
http://www.eleonorabonucci.com Anyone bought from here before? Are they legit? Thanks
 here is what i can figure out on the DBG "type" fit based on online info, see them in person. This is just my opinion. Type 241, just like SuperbiaType 242, just like ExcessType 251, just like SleenkerType 252, just like Superbia without the twist inseamType 253, just like Excess i would say go with type 242, or 252, or 253, they are more like thavar. i didnt try any of these at the store though.
I'll do a comparison with sleenker tonight. They are much skinnier than thavar. Label stated "super skinny". I actually have to size up on those
I believe type 241 is superbia
They can be dress up minus the chain and dress casual with the chain.They fit like sleenker IMO.
Type 251. Interesting packaging, Japan cotton made in Italy.
Saw the 840s in store yesterday, the details are crazy. Little bit too crazy for my taste now Looks good on you though kazushunn
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