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They are amazing indeed. Heavy and stiff, feels just like 8bt. If you missed out on 8bt, I would get this one for sure.
Not bad, hopefully there will be some good type 241 aka superbia washes.
@straychev Have you consider going with thavar jogg? Comfortable and more stretchy. You do loose some washes choices though.
Both are equally nice, epic classic washes, I would by both if money allows.If must choose one, I would give slight edge to 73j because not everyone like the dragon on 71j.Good luck, hope you will buy both
Just received DBG 8bs (re-issue 8bt) for DA. The honeycomb pop even more IRL.
Nice shoes gpoop, how much if you don't mind sharing
Love the old washes thanaz
Too bad I only bought one for DA. Can't buy it for myself, no money
If you bought it in store, why don't you just go back for an exchange?
Glad I can help guys.
New Posts  All Forums: