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With how nice 888p is, don't think it will ever be cheaper, or at least not in my size.
Oh right, I forgot you have one already.
Oh I see, worth of try, LOL. Glad I pick up the 30.
The smallest size at this price is 30x32.
Love it Karacho, 886b -- one of the nicest grey Jean. Good buy.
^ so you can get it for less than $175?
@ gpoop, the pre stacking makes it shorter, you should be fine.
Looking for thanaz 74k in 30x32 or even 29x32. Pm me if you're selling. Or let me know where to get it. Thanks.
Good thing I asked first. Thanks for the feed backs. And good luck on your dispute Bilibili.
That's too bad. Thanks for the info.
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