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I want to see the color comparison between all 3, would be interesting.
Would love to see 808z & 888p side by side.
Just saw 808z in store, $348 MII, siiiick!!! Love the lines, subtle, gives an edge. Too bad I can't buy it til 12th.
Pretty nice, light blue with light grey tone. My guess, 350 USD since its MII
@aramis, got any detail photo of 802j? And where did you purchase it?
887k, very underrated, 👍👍
Looking for this diesel leather tie. Thanks. http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/leather_sugar_service_tie/45141
Waist will always stretch more or less even on 100 cotton. Thigh on the other hand will be very hard to stretch out. My 2 cents.
Can you tell me the waist measurement for 8ww? Waist with dip Waist aligned
New Posts  All Forums: