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Haven't worn for ages but still holding on to my first, 71j
Seems like there are some detail on the outseam from 3rd photo. Can't tell for sure from my iPhone.
Oh man. Was going to save some money since nothing I really like this season. I guess this might change that.
I see Xmas came early for you phukette. All good buys, congrats.
Thx for the info karacho. Nice outfit btw.
What brand is the tie? It's leather?
8ml is way too long. Fading is almost below knee. Other 3 are good though.
I'm looking for this bungundy cardigan from river island. I know it's not from diesel, but hoping someone can help me out and proxy me one. I need in either "s" or "m". Thanks for reading. http://www.polyvore.com/river_island_burgundy_aran_knit/thing?id=61409168
Looking for diesel chrom in black perforated leather, size 41 or 42 http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0069NXM70/ref=aw_d_var_2nd_shoes_txt?vs=1 Thanks.
Just received julungul jacket. Super excited. http://www.mogan1.com/en/public/zozo/auctionItem.php?itemCode=1596434&shopCode=diesel
New Posts  All Forums: