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That's too bad. Thanks for checking. 
Hi fellow members, I need some advise on a pair of shoes that will go with both skinny jeans and chinos. Something good for both semiformal and casual wear. Basically, if you can only have one pair of shoes, which one will it be. Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
Lovely. I actually have 74y, but don't really like the lines. I might just get 75G and sell 74y. Also, is 75G individual numbered?
@ reed3412, Does all the 8880L got the rip hole in the knee area or is it just your pair?
@ toowick4ya,With 75G, is there circular lines around upper left thigh area like in 74Y?
@ Baltimore, But do you know if it's individual number? It might be limited production, sold in limited store, but with a serial number, it will be even more of a collective item and have a higher chance to increase in value.
^ looks interesting. @ Baltimore, do you know if it's made in limited quantity?
@ zdenal,   Love it, crazy price. it look very new too. I would buy it at that price any day.
Anyone know where I can buy darron 889y in all 3 washes? They are sooooo sweet.   http://www.diesel.com/denim/ss12_darron
http://store.diesel.com/us/bootcut_cod36293532vr.html   does anyone know what other cuts 886J comes in besides the Fraceex?
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