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^ maybe you can consider thanaz-a in black. I know levislad got this and he is satisfy with it.
Thanks for all of your tips. I really appreciate that. Since this one is 100% cotton which most of you suggested it will not stretch much, I will just stick with 30w. But I'll try a 29w for something with a stretch material later. I was all good to go with the 8x2, but encounter another problem. I looked at the 888p and decide to get it. The sales rep showed me 2 30x32 that's 2 different color, 1 is more blue with white fading, the other is very light with yellowish...
^ try shioner 8d4?
@ pryv75, Can you tell me if the thigh stretch out after wear? And did it stretch out allot? Thanks
Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase the 8X2. Can anyone let me know if the thigh area will stretch out after wear? I tried them out at the store today, size 29x32 and 30x32. In 29x32, the waist is slightly tight but I think it will fine since it will stretch a bit after some wear. But the thigh is very tight, I can sit down but somewhat uncomfortable. In 30x32, the tight is good, just how I like it. But the waist is big, I will need to use a belt. So should I get the...
@ tookwick4ya, Is your chrom hi perforated black or just regular black? Can't really tell from the photos.
What do you guys think about this one? http://store.diesel.com/us/dress-shoe_cod44367838il.html#bottomPage
Well, if it's hot, you might want to avoid denim altogether. Shorts or chinos might be a better choice.
Nice collection art. I tend to wait for the jacket to go on 50% off before I buy. The full retail price are just too expensive.
^ i think its only available in 32L. i might be wrong though.
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