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I have a 31x34 bnwt, only tried on. Let me know if you are interested.
I'm a 32L, so I wont have a problem with the fixes inseam. I just need to decide between 29w or 30w. Also, I'm curious if this one is the ddg raw (can't be sure just by photo), and how does yoox have so many available in different sizes? Ddg line has stop production for over a year already. How is that possible!!!
Btw, its a 30x32
@ karacho, love the chrome shoes. I was looking to get one but my size was gone. @ denim collect, I'm thinking of selling my 887d. Let me know if you will be interested.
Thanks. It's my favorite as well. Goes with everything.
^ zdenal, if I want to buy this ddg raw, should I stick with my usual 30w or size down? Do they stretch allot after some wear? Thanks.
Perfect example of different variation is 73j. No 2 are exactly the same.
^ nice. Would love it even more in black.
Have to check it out in person then. Thanks.
Is this more of a light grey or light blue?
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