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So many 8x2 & 888p, I'm so jealous, it's crazy hot in LA, can't wear any. 😤
@ Sloan, It was a moment of weakness. Saw something I couldn't find anywhere else but they have available, so I was about to make the purchase, then a little voice said "STOP, verify first".
Thanks for the info. Was planning to buy something. Good thing I asked first.
Awesome job. Maybe I'll get mine done as well.
http://net-a-face.com/ Anyone know if this is a legit site? Looks to be the same layout as ssense. But based on the contact phone number looks to be in china. Anyone order from there before?
Love the stacking Baltimore. Is that all from the prestacking or did you get it with longer inseam?
@ zdenal, Is that the new Kang in the first 2 images? Looks good.
@ zdenal, like the fit. I would of buy this too if wasn't for my 806r. Wash looks identical to me. Great purchase still.
Nice 74k DA. Especially there is not much white paint. I like that.
Very nice gpoop. Love the cuffed look more IMO.
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