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Wonder when thanaz 660q will be available. Have my $ ready to go.
Love yours aahz. It's much cleaner than mine.
I actually love my 8ne. But I dont wear that much either.
Oh wow, didnt realize that til you said it. Damn that's pretty bad.
sorry, best i could do with my iphone.   Chi Tight herringbone       DBG Excess  
only wish to see this thread earlier. no more 30x32 for 8x2.
Thanks for the comments everyone.   @ autodafe, I got it from Cultizm. When I received it, I was amazed at how much detail on it.   @ denim collector, I think this one is inbetween 74K and 887K. Its a pretty stiff denim too. I will try to do a comparison of all 3.
DBG Excess. So much detail on this, love it!!!    
Love 887k, nice quality and its MII. It fits small though.
I think the shirt is from past season. Maybe you can still get it from local diesel store?
New Posts  All Forums: