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Thanks for the feedback zdenal and machine learning. And what do you guys think about the price? @ nito, can you tell me more about your conclusion?
It's original length so the white paint spot is still there. For the red spots, seller said its from 09 season so that's why it doesn't have it. Based on my little knowledge of dior, this should be UMC.http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=171125236850
That's great to hear, thanks for the feedback.Also, that pair does not have any red spots on the jean unlike many UMC I have seen. Is it common to be like that? It does have the white paint on the back of the hem though.
I'm new to dior. So seeking some advice here. For UMC 09, with the 1% elastane, will it stretch 1cm in waist after some wear?
Excellent buy. 👍
For sale is my BNWT excess 8ML. Size 30w, standard DBG length. Only tried on. Looking for $180 OBO. Shipping within US $10, shipping international $30. Thanks for looking.
Very nice Nito. Do post it please. What's the size if I may ask?
Many of the samples that's MII and its without the stitching. But you can clearly see where the location of stitching will be.
From eBay. Now that I have this 8ml, I might just sell the other one I got (clean backpocket) ver. BNWT size 30. Look out for it in the mall.
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