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Allot like 8lp imo
http://www.diesel.com/accessories/preview_ss12_sugar-service-tie Anyone can help me find one? Thanks a bunch.
Nice jake zdenal. Which season is it?
Price drop.
For thanaz, I did see one with herringbone pattern in store. I guess it's not that one then.
Thanks for the close ups Lorna. Can't wait to see that one in person.
Appreciate the photos Lorna. The brown Braddom looks to have herringbone pattern. Maybe they are remaking 887D? The black thanaz should have herringbone too. Most interesting I want to see is the 2nd pants after the tan color jacket In photo #4.
I want to see the color comparison between all 3, would be interesting.
Would love to see 808z & 888p side by side.
Just saw 808z in store, $348 MII, siiiick!!! Love the lines, subtle, gives an edge. Too bad I can't buy it til 12th.
New Posts  All Forums: