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Do you the actual pics? Might be able to give you some comparison. The only color difference I know is the color of 2 back patch (standard big patch and a smaller one next to it). in 1 version, the 2 patches are the same color, the other one they are different. However I don't know which wash is consider to be blue or grey.
Thanks baltimore. But I think that's 801d, not the chi tight. @ Pryv75, the inseam is proportion to the waist, and they are not all 32l especially for the small waist. My chi tight is 30w, and it's about an inch or so longer than the 29w which I also tried. I can get you the actual inseam of my ct for reference if you like.
here is the comparison between the new chi tight b (left) and 887d braddom (right).    
Damn, you are lucky. Cant find any 29x32 or 30x32 anywhere. Guess I'll keep searching.
Can't wait to see it IRL.
Hold on!! Pink!!!! This I got to see it.
Wow, super sweet Baltimore. What's the size and where did you find it? Allot of newer ones dont even have the same quality detail and it's more expensive. Wish I can go back in time...
here is the chi tight b. its a MII and the tag list as brown color instead of olive green online.         the last pic shows more of the actual color. however, it still looks different to the runway photo.   http://www.diesel.com/collection/preview_fw12_chi-tight-b?mh=true   it looks very similar to the 887d in my opinion. i will try to do comparison photo if possible.
  agree. i think the MII quality is so much better.
Can't wait to see 660q in person. The only negative comment I have is it's not MII.
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