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From what I know, they will revert at first. But soon or later the elastic will loosen and the stretch will be permanent.
^ agreed. Nothing special that I'm dying for. I'll pick up when they are in sale.
You can always sell it. I'm sure many people will want this pair.
Welcome!!! Don't have much experience with the jacket you mentioned, but I own diesel leather jacket and like it. Good quality leather. But I would only buy them at a discounted price. My 2 cents.
Best chance will be eBay or contact diesel DBG store directly.
^ it's too nice to be hang up. You got to let it breath.
Congrats raj. I was super lucky to get mine too. And I LOVE it!!! Its on my top 5 list.
I always wanted to check out the cut, but can't find any in store. Only see it on Asos, ssense or diesel euro site.
+1 on Braddom. More washes available too. I think koolter is more available in europe. I barely seen any in retail store.
Don't even see that much koolter in US.
New Posts  All Forums: