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Good deal. I havd the urge to buy a 3rd one just to see the color difference.
I asked the same thing in my other post as well. To my knowledge, the newer ones (ss12) are much darker blur than the older seasons ones. But jeantics believe diesel just makes them in two different tones of washes. Very confuse at the moment.
I prefer the dragon on 71b, they are not that visible compare with other ones.
I'm thinking of doing that. One eBay seller has 30w available. I might just buy it and sell my 31s. You think I should try 29 though? Even on a thick denim like 74k were the thigh don't stretch much?
^ actually, I have worn it less than 5 times. It's still very new, feels pretty rough. I tried 30w first (my usual size), but the thigh was so tight, it was uncomfortable and it hurts when I move around. So I exchanged it to 31w. But I'm regretting about this decision now. Since I lost some weight, the waist is big on me. Maybe that's also why I haven't worn it that much.
If you can, get both. If not, I would say go for 8bt first since it is more rare than 75g.
I see, either way they both look good on you man. It makes me want to size down on my 74k as well. But since it's so thick denim, it's really uncomfortable.
Well, actually both has yellow to them. It's just the lighter blue one has more of it.
30x32 for sure
@ Baltimore, Both are really nice, spot on. And they look the same fit from photos, only difference I can see is maybe around the knee area (74k is tighter). Since they are labeled 2 different waist size, do you feel any difference between them?
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