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Totally agree
@ gpoop, Fit pics?
Thanks DC. Good to see the side is not an eye sore
^ size 30w? Can you tell me the waist measurement? I wonder how much of difference between 806q and 8y0.
Love the stacking on the 29. And I like the fading too as it doesn't go too far below the knee. Are both fw13?
@ real, Very nice on all. Is 806q black denim with hint of fade?
@ aahz, where is that? Nice view. Thanks for the sizing tip. I'll call around to find my size. I agree its not the best for the wet weather. But that's also the reason I like it so much. It will be more of fall jacket than a rainy jacket for me.
Thanaz 73j Excess 8bt DDG Thanaz raw (blue or black)
LOL, I'm in LA and want one. it's for the rainy days that happen a handful of times in a year. I really like the length of it. It's more like a regular jacket than a traditional trench. I'll just have to call the store. Hopefully it's still available. How would you describe the sizing? Is it TTS?
@ aahz, Love the javelins trench. Where did you get that?
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