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I was afraid of that. I was hoping to get a straight answer. LOL.   Can you tell me the measurement for waist aligned? Thanks.      
@ tookwick4ya, Is 29 waist your normal waist size for thanaz or thavar?
It's a thanaz 8aa, 31x30
Very nice art. Hopefully they go on sale soon. What size did you get? And can you tell me the waist aligned measurements? Thanks
Thats too bad, appreciate the info.
Thanks sideways, I'll get the 30 for sure now. Let's just hope they still have it available.  
Haha, I'm the same. Most of my thavar are 30 (8aa, 886b). But my 8x2 is 31, slightly big but I like how the thigh is roomier. I'll get the 30s in these. Thanks for the info.
What size are these again sideways? And how does it fit compare with your other thavar? 8x2?
Guys, Once the jean is soaking wet, if I use a blow dryer on hi heat, can I shrink the waist to a smaller size? Possible an inch or so?
^ like this clean version much more
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