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@zdenal_cz Is it excess or superbia? Nice fit. I have that same shirt in brown, just bought it at outlet.
Agree with 118i, thanaz washes are not the same as years past. Most of my thanaz are from older seasons, and they are the best of the best. Now that thanaz is gone 😢, I can really concentrate on new cut sleeker. It fits snug on thigh and has small hem that I like. I'll be broke if I have to buy both cuts. Farewell thanaz, helloooo sleeker. 😍
@gpoop Envy the snow, nothing like that in socal
Diesel USA have Black Friday sale, up to 40% off with free shipping on fw 13. Free shipping only on ss14. No code require, just need to login
Diesel used to have iron-on patches on jeans with rip or holes (ie 71j, 73j), but not that much anymore. It's a great way to prevent the rip/holes gets bigger from wear especially over the knee. They are inexpensive, comes in different colors and easy DIY
@kynhonglongbong Thanks for the tip. I'm m at most, so I guess L would be too big. Too bad, it's on sale too. Oh well....
@kynhonglongbong What size is your mango down jacket? And did you size up, size down?
Looks good gpoop
@Levislad Try sleeker 886z?
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