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Excess-NT 8ML
Having reach my collection capacity limit, wifey said I couldn't buy anymore until I free some space first. So here they are. Accept Paypal. Shipping $10 within US, $30 internationally. All items (except 8DK) were worn only once or none at all. Additional photos and measurements available upon request. Thavar 880M 31x32 - $220 Thanaz 887K 30x32 - $180 Tepphar 881W 30x32 - $195 Braddom 887D 30x32 - $270 Slammer 73J 30x34 - $155 Thanaz 8DK 29x32 - $120 Thanks for looking.
I have one, used. Let me know?
@ audit30, Definitely do some outside photo of 888p, the colors will just pop.
Oh I see. Just ordered the version with seam, I'll find out the differences between the 2 once I get it in.
Aahz, you have 2 8ml? one with clean back pocket, one with seam across and both excess-nt?
Thanks aahz. I'll have to check my out too. For some reason I recall my is the excess NT@ DC, its the 8BT. Just saw one on eBay too
Very cool zdenal, makes me want to get 813w too
Thanks for the photo aahz. Mine is just like all the othe ones posted, clean back pocket.Could you show me the back of the inner tag if its not too much trouble? And where did you get the pair?
Could you show me what you are referring to aahz? Much appreciated.
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