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887d is first of its kind and still the best by far. Does 811p comes in skinny cut?
811c = cleaner ver 887d?
Anyone bought from eBay seller fashion_addicted before? Is his diesel legit? Looking for the tepphar 8y9 to be exact. Thanks.
I started with diesel 6~7 years ago, my early pair were 71b, 71j. Back then 99% were MII, pricing was reasonable $250 +/-. Then MII pricing start going up, and some non-MII showed up. In general, these were basic/simpler washes, solid blue color, not much detail, some mild fade. And you can get one less than $200. Now, a good 50% (could be more) are non-MII. I agree with pryv75 that the quality are better with more detail, but pricing are much closer too.
I for one prefer to buy MII unless the non-mii wash is super special (i have 8b9 & 8y9 ATM). To me, MII has better quality, i know many of you disagree on this. I'm not trying to make a debat out of this, it's jus My $0.02.
Thanks aramis.
@ aramis, what's the name?
I'm wear 30w on thanaz & thavar and i wear 90. Its either on 2nd or 3rd hole from the end of the belt. I prefer this way so the belt stickig out is not too long.
Thanaz are suppose to be worn with more sagging. So if the thigh is too tight, sag it.
All denim stretches. More so on the waist than thigh. But since I don't wear my that often, they still feel brand new.
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