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Happy bday man! You will have a nice birthday package going your way soon. Haha
Like those 835l phukette, did you get your usual tepphar size?
Totally agree, I bought 2 at first and want to only keep 1 since they are expensive. But I end up kept both since I just couldn't decide which one to return. I never regret that decision though
I like how most thavar fit up top, but below the knee is just not slim enough. But DA your 888p is just perfect.
Nice fit Ramirez
@ DA, Love the fading on your 888p. Mines are definitely not that much.
Good to know. Appreciate the info phukette
What makes you say that?
Cool, let me know how they are.
Something simple, like a solid black or blue raw, maybe a grey chino. That's a nice jacket too. But I have never Zara jacket before. Don't really know how they fit
New Posts  All Forums: