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Cool thanks phukette
@ phukette, Is it a heavy or light weight denim? And how would you describe the color tone? TIA
Happy bday man! You will have a nice birthday package going your way soon. Haha
Like those 835l phukette, did you get your usual tepphar size?
Totally agree, I bought 2 at first and want to only keep 1 since they are expensive. But I end up kept both since I just couldn't decide which one to return. I never regret that decision though
I like how most thavar fit up top, but below the knee is just not slim enough. But DA your 888p is just perfect.
Nice fit Ramirez
@ DA, Love the fading on your 888p. Mines are definitely not that much.
Good to know. Appreciate the info phukette
What makes you say that?
New Posts  All Forums: