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If i can try it in person, i would do that for sure. But on older washes, its pretty much impossible.This method is not 100% guarantee. But if the seller know how to meausre it properly. It's the next best thing. I will also provide the measuring instruction just in case.
My issue is I don't see much washes I like. Only have 8y9 ATM. Thinking about 8y0.Agree on the fit, that's why I start buying dior.
I would recommend to measure the waist align and waist with dip for the best pair that fit you and compare it with the one you are going to buy.
I start to like tepphar more. They just stack so much better with that narrow hem
The only ones I kept multiple was 888p. And even you did keep them, you can keep 1 as back up or sell it.
^ I always see yoox with 881z. But not sure the cut though.
I think a clear resin coating will give a nice stack.
^ nice aramis.
@ summeroflove Why don't you order both size and keep the one that fits best? I even do that with the same size so I can pick the best wash pattern.
He will offer discount, you just need to negotiate a bit.
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