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I don't recall Darren being that slim. Nice fit.
Correct.All the excess are the same in terms of fit. Only difference in name is for id cotton content.
Thx man. I just start buying superbia too. It has a great fit, slim in the thigh, narrow below the knee, small small leg opening, it's awesome.
@Aahz Love the shirt/pants color combo. Did you go with normal waist size on superbia or size up or down
@Locky That would be great, thanks
@Locky Good purchase. I'm interested to see the sleenker too. On that thavar, would you compare the leg opening and below the knee to the sleenker and see if it's about same size or bigger. Thx
Good to know, maybe I'll jump on the deal then. Thanks.
Anyone know the lowest sale discount luisaviaroma offers? I see an item with 50% off, will it be reduce even further? TIA
@118i Check aldo? I always see similar style there
Thx audit30
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