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  agree. i think the MII quality is so much better.
Can't wait to see 660q in person. The only negative comment I have is it's not MII.
Just got the new chi tight herringbone. Will post pics ASAP.
Thanks, jeanetic.Can you tell me your 19cm jake measurements? Looking to get jake, and just wondering the sizing for 17 and 19. Really appreciate that.
I wear diesel thanaz which is 11 inches at thigh (at crotch). From what I read, 19cm should be the same, is that correct?
http://www.raffaello-network.com/raffties/detail.php?itemid=209041&rangeid=483 Is this jake? And it's 17 or 19 cm?
damn, 660q is nice. really want to see it IRL now, along with 801A my favorites so far.
can you tell me the thigh measurement for the 17.5 jake?     it seems Jake is the one to go with. So for someone that never own any Dior and just want one, Jake 19cm will be the "one"?
What about the 17cm jake, is that not good?
To all your Dior lovers, what is the one dior (jake, umc, raw etc) that's a must have to all collection and represent Dior jean the best?
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