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Oh nice, do let us know your opinion on this pair.
Which selvedge did you get phukette?
Most high end department store should carry it; Nordstrom, saks, bloomingdale, etc
Looking for tepphar 8y9 29x32, prefer brand new. Thanks
Good luck man. Hopefully it will fit you good.
Great motivation DC
Excess 8BT 27W http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?sbk=1&nav=SEARCH&itemId=171134984797
Thanks for the info DC, DS. It does seem the leg opening is smaller on superbia, so might give that a try.
Anyone know if superbia fits tighter than excess? It definitely looks to be from dsalvatore fit pics
Selling my thanaz, no need for further introduction on these. Thanaz 73J 29x32, very lightly used, almost brand new $380 Shipping $10 within US, $30 international Additional photos, measurements available upon request. Also selling thanaz 73J 30x30 & thanaz 71J 30x32 http://www.denimblog.com/c/t/198430/thanaz-73j-30x30-thanaz-71j-30x32
New Posts  All Forums: