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@kynhonglongbong Thanks for the tip. I'm m at most, so I guess L would be too big. Too bad, it's on sale too. Oh well....
@kynhonglongbong What size is your mango down jacket? And did you size up, size down?
Looks good gpoop
@Levislad Try sleeker 886z?
You are a luck man phukette. I would love to buy those sample pieces.
This one should be the sample, so actually released version might be different.
I would hope for a discount. Can't afford at the regular price
Oh pretty expensive.
@ machinelearning, The clawmarks you have tried, is it 19cm MIJ? Do you remember how much it was?
I don't own 602s so can't compare them. I like the waxy look for 823d, and it's very stretchy, comfortable to wear. I especially love the greenish color under the sun. Very interesting wash I must say.
New Posts  All Forums: