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Nice. Congrats!
good luck and keep us posts on the journey.
Love the progress, can't wait to see the end evolution.
At this point, I wish I can find the sample model....
Just got this reply from LVR about 846k. It's not sleenker. So sad.... I would like to confirm you that the item on LUISAVIAROMA and the one published on the link are the same thing. Only that the suppliers decided to produce the item without the back leather tag and with a "doughnut shape" button! So, we apologize for the oversight, we will make sure the items gets photographed again, correctly.
Damn! That's some nice purchase you got there. Fit pics? Thanks for the kind words
Ive asked LVR to double check the inventory and verify if has the same details as the online photos. Will see what they say.
I think it might be both 846k was available and since the 2 cuts are pretty similar, one was held back. I just hope they will release it ultimately.
8ne, 8x2 30x32 sold
Won't it be awesome if someone order from lvr and it turns out to be the sleenker. Oh man.
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