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@ DA, Good luck.
@ DA, You got the new one?
No problem man. Was it bought from diesel.com?
@ straychev, What's the name of the polo? Thanks.
With all these talk about 8bt, I just had to bring mine out to breath. Didn't meant to rub it in. Damn, that's some fine quality Japanese denim. Only complaint I have is the leg opening is wider than what I like currently. But I still wouldn't sell it for the world.
Good advice, I'll start searching. Thanks
Loving the color pattern on those shirts. How are their quality? And what price are you paying at? I never owned any and is interested now. I wouldn't call it the best proxy, just helping out another member.
Cool thanks phukette
@ phukette, Is it a heavy or light weight denim? And how would you describe the color tone? TIA
New Posts  All Forums: