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71j is pretty thick, good quality classic diesel denim. Minimum stretch I say.
Got that as well. I did see tepphar 846k on diesel US few days ago, but not there anymore. Either pulled for some reason or all sold out already.
I really like this look. But what is diesel doing with the "pull handle" on the back of the jacket, totally ruined the jacket. OMG!!!
Thanks for posting weenie. I hope the sleenker version will be exact to the flyers, and be out soon.
Noted. Thanks
I see. You always find the good deals man, slp jeans for example. Nice.
Awesome job DC. Thanks for sharing. If I may add, Type 255, is jeans with biker style details. I also see more of the type 2510 being offered in the upcoming season. Since I haven't try it, can't really say for sure the fit style. But I would guess it's very close to type 251.
Love the jacket, the fit gpoop. Is it that cold already where you are? I'm still in shorts here in Cali
Looking forward to it in store.
Can it be? Sleenker 846k?
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