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Both are equally nice, epic classic washes, I would by both if money allows.If must choose one, I would give slight edge to 73j because not everyone like the dragon on 71j.Good luck, hope you will buy both
Just received DBG 8bs (re-issue 8bt) for DA. The honeycomb pop even more IRL.
Nice shoes gpoop, how much if you don't mind sharing
Love the old washes thanaz
Too bad I only bought one for DA. Can't buy it for myself, no money
If you bought it in store, why don't you just go back for an exchange?
Glad I can help guys.
I'm nor really sure either. At least it's for sure he doesn't have that size
Both are skinny jeans, tepphar is more carrot fit, so thigh is slightly bigger IMO. Not sure about 607a.
Sorry, size not availabe. Good luck with the hunt
New Posts  All Forums: