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73j never ran big. At least the few I own Yes, you do wear thanaz with sag, but I dont feel they are bigger in waist than thavar. Majority of my thanaz and thavar are the same waist size
It's thanaz, so very similar to thavar. But better imo
Maybe i should sell mine now before the value drops even more
Those days are ancient history.
I agree, demand for 73j is not like before. 250 for a new pair is a fair price IMO
Just bought 608h from James. Can't wait to receive it
is this the same sizing as your thavar? I have few sleenker and I always try to size up 1 from my thavar sizing.
Yeah, he might be the only guy that can rock anything and still look awesome.
Someone brave enough to wear this?  
Thank you DC for deleting that guy's comment so quickly. It was getting out of control.
New Posts  All Forums: