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I don't have access to my 888p ATM, so I can't measure the inseam for you. But I do recall because of the pre stacking, it runs short.
That's interesting. What size did you get and could you get me some measurements please? Thanks allot.
Very nice gpoop, I always want to try slp. Is 15cm the skinniest fit they offer? How's it compare to tepphar?
833D = W O W!!
Nice 1 gpoop. Are far fetch easy to deal with? I'm thinking about buying some stuff from them too. And do you know how long will the sale last?
Nice find DC.
Thanks chinotto73
gotcha. Can you tell me where did you get it? Sorry if you had answer this already.
yeah, I know about that one. But not sure if L would be too big. That's why I am asking.
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