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@audit30 👍👍
Not diesel, but I'm super happy with this. Dior umc 09 17.5
Looking for diesel leather tie, from few seasons back, don't recall the name.
@ dc, Whichever size you decide to go with, just have the store staff bring you feel more pair to pick from. So you can get the one (dirty or none-dirty) you want. I mean you are that much $$ for it, might as well go with the one you like the most. Plus sometimes even the same size ones fits differently. I didn't that with my 823d, super happy with result.
Diesel tie, bow tie, and tepphar 8y9
@Hawk Maybe it's the lighting, but your 8x2 and 816h looks very similar in color, so does 823u and 811p.
I would totally buy this if it's a 30. Damn
@zdenal_cz Is that a denim gallery piece?
When i bought mine, I wasn't looking to purchase anything going in. And my believe to the "limited edition" is just more of a sell gimmick, a reason to charge more, blah blah blah. But after seeing it in person, trying it on, I was sold even with the high price tag. I highly recommend to check it IRL
Oh, I thought it was a DBG jean. I have adi-thanaz 8ie, love it. The quality of old thanaz is top notch
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