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I would hope for a discount. Can't afford at the regular price
Oh pretty expensive.
@ machinelearning, The clawmarks you have tried, is it 19cm MIJ? Do you remember how much it was?
I don't own 602s so can't compare them. I like the waxy look for 823d, and it's very stretchy, comfortable to wear. I especially love the greenish color under the sun. Very interesting wash I must say.
Tepphar 823d
Looks good. FYI, the main button should have a gem stone in it, also the fly is not the traditional zipper clip, it should be just a loop and a piece leather sting should go through it. I can take some photos of mine for reference if you need it
Saw shioner 824y, wasn't impress at all. Opinion only based on viewing on jean rack, didn't try it on
Sorry for hijacking thread aramis. Just tried sleeker in LV diesel. They only have 886z available. Tried 30 & 31w. 30 was tight at upper block but I think it would give after wear. Somewhat of tight on thigh but still comfortable. 31 was comfortable overall, still nice slim look. Wish they have other washes to try.
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