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Xmas bump w/ price drop.
Good price. Too bad not in my size
@ aahz, where did you get the Shioner p? That looks to be the perfect replacement pants for my darron gpw which sadly got stretch out.
It's called "skinny" for a reason. If You can't even squat or walk up the stairs, then you need to size up.
Looks good. Something I will actually buy this season.
Have you try calling local store? I always use this method to buy sold out items.
thanks karacho.   please check your pm. let me know if you can help on that. much appreciated.
nope. unless someone proxy for you.
looks good, congrats.
887d is still the best when it comes to herringbone pattern IMO, and karacho you put that outfit together so nicely. Love the Bowtie touch. Is that chrom shoe?
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