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Kakee and DBG belt
Looks different from here too, so confusing. http://m.usc.co.uk/mt/www.usc.co.uk/diesel-tepphar-827j-slim-mens-jeans-648115?colcode=64811576&un_jtt_v_un_PDP=yes&un_jtt_v_un_info=&un_jtt_v_un_pers=&un_jtt_redirect
Thanks everyone, I love it too.
Early valentine gift.
It's actually 29x32, my mistake. http://m.ebay.ca/itm?itemId=170983140264
eBay has one that's 29x30 if you are interested. I'm not the seller just in case you are wondering.
Ah, I see.
Did they re-released 8ww?
You might be right. I'm viewing through my iPhone so color might be off. Let me know how it look in real if you get it
I can't exactly, maybe 8b9?
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