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@ mns27, I have a pair of Adidas thanaz. I know they are not the same cut as yours, but there are few noticeable differences. 1. On the waist tag, it has adi-thanaz as the cut. 2. On the coin pocket, one of the rivet it's an Adidas logo. All the other rivets has Adidas on it. 3. On the right thigh outer seam, there are 3 lines representing the Adidas 3 lines like on the tag. I can't say if yours are legit or not based on photos. But hopefully you can use mine as...
My local store rep told me they have 829b available. Might plan a trip this weekend.
DBG superbia jogg, interesting. http://shop.diesel.com/superbia-jogg/00SAYQBG64L.html?dwvar_00SAYQBG64L_color=01#start=1
Thanks DC. Couldn't pass on the huge discount.
@Sanibeldude Thanks. I plan to.
Here is my 813w. Really fast shipping. The only thing I'm not too sure of are the black spots on the front, seems about excessive. What do you guys think?
Store. It was after the addition 40% discount.
Just bought tepphar 813w for less than $100. Can't wait.
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