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I think this is from FW12. DAMN, crazy color. http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/raspberry_tepphar_trousers/48873
Damn, 888p is just an amazing wash. Don't know if there will be any equal quality ones from FW 2012
Thanks only to you.
Very nice 72L Baltimore. Almost as good as mine, haha. Just kidding.
DAMN!!! $400 for 801N. Diesel, are you insane???
801a, super nice. Baltimore, I really like the simple thanaz backpocket design. Is 660q MII?
This Shioner looks even better in person.
Don't Know about Europe but it's on for US.
It's going on right now.
New fanker is like trouleg were the back of the hemm is longer than the front.
New Posts  All Forums: