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http://store.diesel.com/us/pants_cod36348521uk.html New stripe chi tight. Hopefully the herringbone one will be next.
just wear a belt if its bigger in waist. yeah, go for 30
Most diesel do stretch. However, it's mainly in the waist area. The thigh don't really stretch.
http://m.nordstrom.com/search/results?keyword=diesel&type=keyword&postalcode=&radius=&modifiedkeyword=&category=&instoreavailability=False&pagesize=24&brand=&size=&color=&price=&width=&campaign=&origin=keywordsearch&filter=&catname=&sort=Newest I'm digging the light blue and salmon thavar.
Saw the Braddom 660r in person, it's not as good as 887d. For sure not worth the $300 price tag, plus it's a nonMII. Just my 2cent
I think this is from FW12. DAMN, crazy color. http://www.ssense.com/men/product/diesel/raspberry_tepphar_trousers/48873
Damn, 888p is just an amazing wash. Don't know if there will be any equal quality ones from FW 2012
Thanks only to you.
Very nice 72L Baltimore. Almost as good as mine, haha. Just kidding.
DAMN!!! $400 for 801N. Diesel, are you insane???
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