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DBG superbia jogg, interesting. http://shop.diesel.com/superbia-jogg/00SAYQBG64L.html?dwvar_00SAYQBG64L_color=01#start=1
Thanks DC. Couldn't pass on the huge discount.
@Sanibeldude Thanks. I plan to.
Here is my 813w. Really fast shipping. The only thing I'm not too sure of are the black spots on the front, seems about excessive. What do you guys think?
Store. It was after the addition 40% discount.
Just bought tepphar 813w for less than $100. Can't wait.
Oh man, it's that bad huh? Do you have before/after photos?
@ DC, That is. It's such a light weight denim, it must be like 5oz or something. I agree, it does feel like it will stretch after 1 or 2 wear. I am not 100% convinced to keep. It has nice detail, love the pocket design. But the lower leg is just not small enough for me and the stretch might make it unwearable.
New Posts  All Forums: