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Thanks for the info phukette. Too bad no more in my size. Good looking out audit30. I was thinking about 600v in either krooley or tepphar. Now I have consider this 603m too, decision decision...
@Phukette Nice allsaint jacket, what's the name? Is the jogg all black? And where did you purchase from?
Thx for the input everyone.
Bought 2 of these excess-selvedge; size 29 & 30. Not sure which to keep. Size 29, fit is good especially it will stretch after wear. but not liking the heavy fade below the knee. Size 30, like the overall fade pattern, minor fade below knee, but fit is so so, will need belt. Size 30 has similar fade compare to diesel site which I like. http://shop.diesel.com/excess-selvedge/8056508581215.html#tabbing
Thx for the info. Love the jacket in #7
Love my chrom shoes, great buy zdenal
@ blak society, can't beat that price
Looking to buy a sweater from diesel store. It's 50% off now. Anyone know if diesel will have discount more than 50%?
@ DA, Straychev, thanks for the comment. She is amazing, I'm so lucky.
Early Xmas gift from wifey. 😄
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