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2nd one should be shioner 881L, Karacho just got one, you can check out his waywt thread.
600r is black?
If I'm not mistaken, kakee is not available in US.
Oh? I'll see how that goes when I visit the store. Will let you know.
The sales rep might not know of this wash since its a flagship store exclusive. But they should be able to find it on their system.
They can only order the us version. But yeah, just tell them you want to order thavar 813L in your size, they can have it mail to you. I did that for my 75G.
Shioner 880w, eBay has few. $200 + free shipping http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=221167548963&index=2&nav=SEARCH&nid=23479078889
Never heard of wash code 71.
Thanaz and thavar are the same. Only way if need size up or down will be base on the different wash
About to do that myself
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