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Congrats to all the dads and soon-to-be dads. It's a super awesome thing to be a dad. Your life will change forever; for the good.
That would be great, thanks
@ phukette, How's the color compare with 8ml? From the first photo, looks very alike.
@ phukette, I'll check it out. Thanks. @ DC, Thanks for the info. I'm finding myself going towards more narrower leg opening. I feel thanaz, thavar doesn't stack to my liking anymore. If superbia is like tepphar, I'll be sure to check them out in store. Haven't seen any diesel I must buy for few seasons, plus all recent washes are like remake of older ones (my own opinion), moving to DGB is a natural transition.
@gloriouscafe Shoulder looks right, but sleeve is big
@ phukette, Don't you have some superbia already? Can you describe the fit?
Cool, let me know your thoughts on them. I'm buying allot more DGB compare with reg diesel. And I'm interesting in few of the new excess an superbia. So your opinion will be appreciated
@ DC, is your superbia from the current season? Same as this? http://store.diesel.com/us/diesel-black-gold/jeans_cod36428495qf.html @ phukette, nice excess. Is that the new one you just bought?
Oh nice, do let us know your opinion on this pair.
Which selvedge did you get phukette?
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