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DBG superbia from diesel melrose.
I agree $600 is still allot of money. But then again 8bt was $600 when it was released.
Must have been a price typo. Typed "9" instead of "6" on the keyboard.
Just order few sizes to try, return the ones that doesn't fit. Their return are free and easy.
Interesting detail on the polo
Hmm interesting, different lab, that could explain the color difference. Thanks leftvapor
@ DC, I really love the yellow. But leftvapor's pair are damn nice too. I would totally go for it but it might be very close to 60e.
Thanks leftvapor. When I bought mine, I didn't know one would come with so little yellow. I would of got both pair. What's the lab # on yours? Mine is 006437. And the last small tag behind "application 100% cow leather" has a "3" on it. What does yours say?
@ leftvapor, Very nice review. Like I said in other thread, yours is so much different than mine, colors & yellow tint. Here is mine. Hope you don't mind me posting.
Nice 8s9 audit30
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