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It's a diesel denim gallery item. Don't know the wash code.
Looks good.
@ Baltimore, 811w?
Any tepphar jogg?
I agree it's pricey, but I would still like to see it in person.
http://shop.diesel.com/reboot-black-tepphar/00SDFD0608S.html?dwvar_00SDFD0608S_color=02#tabbing Has anyone seen this reboot tepphar in person? Website didn't provide much info. Looks to be jogg based on tag. Would love to have more info.
I actually have 8x6 from the same series. I didn't care for the 8w3 which I thought its just black. Didn't realize the blue tone. Might have to look for one now. Thanks for the info daan
Thanks DC.
@ aahz, very nice. How much did those set you back?
@ daan, is 8w3 a solid black, no fading? @ aramis, color is similar to 73j?
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