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Yoox don't list any wash code, that's what making purchase difficult sometimes. You just have to know how the wash looks by heart. Or you can ask here too. And no idea on the thavar. Sorry
805a should be available on yoox. Not sure about the size availability.
Couldn't agree more Baltimore.
Generally speaking, all MII washes retail price start $250+. So if you see a wash retail at below $200, 99% of the time it's a non MII.
74y is MII. 801a & 805a should be too.
@ mcsqui Nice purchase, some epic washes you got there.
Didn't find any info and didn't feel like starting a new thread, sorry. Looking to purchase DBG button down shirt. If I wear size M in diesel button down shirt, do I get size 36 or 38 in DBG?
Really appreciate you checking wutzwagg. So the hunt continues.
8ne is MII. You can also check out 811p. One is best in recent releases. But not much of a green tint though.
^ very nice aahz. Your shioner reminds me of my 811p.
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