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Thanaz 73j Excess 8bt DDG Thanaz raw (blue or black)
LOL, I'm in LA and want one. it's for the rainy days that happen a handful of times in a year. I really like the length of it. It's more like a regular jacket than a traditional trench. I'll just have to call the store. Hopefully it's still available. How would you describe the sizing? Is it TTS?
@ aahz, Love the javelins trench. Where did you get that?
Super, thanks.
@ realdeal, Thanks. One more question, is this 17.5 or 19 cm?
Yea. I got lucky and got a painted sky. It's awesome. I've also got a jake pretty decent, but would prefer an earlier version.
If i can try it in person, i would do that for sure. But on older washes, its pretty much impossible.This method is not 100% guarantee. But if the seller know how to meausre it properly. It's the next best thing. I will also provide the measuring instruction just in case.
My issue is I don't see much washes I like. Only have 8y9 ATM. Thinking about 8y0.Agree on the fit, that's why I start buying dior.
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