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@ Sanibeldude http://mobile.yoox.com/us/42289980IJ/item?dept=men#sts=SearchResult
Digging this DBG, but soooo expensive. http://store.diesel.com/gb/diesel-black-gold/jeans_cod36428821nf.html
Braddom 887d @ $160, 27w ~ 33w, 34l thiugh
I like the fit. It's like a slim version of tepphar but with chino pocket. I should of got this instead of thanaz 8qp. Don't see kakee in many washes though. If they make it in the color fashion pants like 8qu, I'll buy it for sure.
Nice kakee zdenal. How's the fit compare with thanaz or thavar?
Great pair, but $700 is way overpriced.
Just saw one on eBay, 31x32
Looking for tepphar 8y0, size 30w/32l, prefer brand new.
I love 8ww, super soft. I can wear all year around. Very nice fit el nino.
In US, only way to get discount over 50% is from diesel outlet. Regular diesel store won't ever go over 50%. It must be nice to get more in France.
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