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Did you size up on 8y0 leftvapor? Your pair is very yellowish over the knee area?Which excess karacho?
Thanks aramis. The jean is 10x nicer than the photo.
Thanks to phukette advise. DBG 84p. Love it.
👍I recall someone here was looking for 8NJ desperately...
LOL, 8nj is by Baltimore.
I say get this and don't look back. http://store.diesel.com/gb/skinny_cod36428361mc.html
So many 8x2 & 888p, I'm so jealous, it's crazy hot in LA, can't wear any. 😤
@ Sloan, It was a moment of weakness. Saw something I couldn't find anywhere else but they have available, so I was about to make the purchase, then a little voice said "STOP, verify first".
Thanks for the info. Was planning to buy something. Good thing I asked first.
Awesome job. Maybe I'll get mine done as well.
New Posts  All Forums: