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I bought 1 pair with my standard thanaz size, and 1 pair size up. I had to return the standard size one right after cuz the thigh was very uncomfortable. And just for your info, my 888p is the standard size, thigh is fine.
Looks good. 👍
Good catch Baltimore, didn't notice til now. I'll look at it later. I do see both diesel site and cultizm has it on theirs, so at least it's not just my pair.
Good luck with the hunt.
LOL.I do like 811p more than 880w. It will be super awesome if I can get one looks like the viker 811p on eBay.
Thanks for the info. I hope I can find one with less, it's too much for me right now. Let the hunt begin.
@ dieselolic, did you see any 811p with less fading on front?
Wrong person. LOL!
Nice man! You are in So Cal correct? Which store did you go to?
New Posts  All Forums: