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With 18cm, that's allot like dior F19 hem. So I'm surprised the dior didn't stack as nice.
Excellent fit gpoop. What is the hem measurement?
Sorry mate, can't get much for them.
From I can tell they are legit. Really really old season pair though
If it's diesel black gold then there isn't Indian head tag. Either way, photo would answer allot
@Weenie Like it, good fit. Can you tell me the hem size? Looks pretty small for thavar. TIA
The anticipation is pretty exciting I must say. Just hope there will be something I want to buy, not too crazy of price of course.
That's a great deal DC, go for it
Agree with z, the boots tip might be little big for small hem jean.
Those run short in length. I've tried in store. The SR said its more of ankle fit.
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