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The only ones I kept multiple was 888p. And even you did keep them, you can keep 1 as back up or sell it.
^ I always see yoox with 881z. But not sure the cut though.
I think a clear resin coating will give a nice stack.
^ nice aramis.
@ summeroflove Why don't you order both size and keep the one that fits best? I even do that with the same size so I can pick the best wash pattern.
He will offer discount, you just need to negotiate a bit.
i have thavar 8ne, love it. the only complaint though is it doesnt stack as nice. and i think its because the lyocell.
Yoox don't list any wash code, that's what making purchase difficult sometimes. You just have to know how the wash looks by heart. Or you can ask here too. And no idea on the thavar. Sorry
805a should be available on yoox. Not sure about the size availability.
Couldn't agree more Baltimore.
New Posts  All Forums: