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Didnt know there were 2 different version.
Just ordered thanaz 806r from cultizm with their 10% discount. Hopefully the jean looks exactly like their photos, fingers crossed.
I want to get it, but not at that price. Waiting for the discount in few month.
I really like this trench coat. Anyone has any experience with diesel trench? Quality? Sizing? http://store.diesel.com/us/jackets_cod41334595xk.html
http://store.diesel.com/us/jeans_cod36405432bj.html Darron 8v9. And if you buy before end of week, a 15% off at checkout. I think it's US only though.
There was just one 29x30 on eBay. But I don't see anymore.
Really like 806r too. Fades, everything looks very natural. I don't even mind the MIR.Crossing my finger the actual jean looks like that, then I'm buying for sure.
What are your thoughts leftvapor?
I thought it should be similar to 801b?
Check few pages back, there is one similar to 8y0. Can't confirm the washes though.
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