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811p and 888p. Between these 2, 888p comes up top for being a lighter wash.
Very nice DC, they look super.
DC I've tried in store before and the length was weird. Not long for stacking, but not short enough to be ankle fit. Would like to see how it fit you.
@DieselBoy786 Could you provide the composition for 608h? Is it a light weight denim that will stretch out? Thanks
Oops, my bad.
Mostly, but not all. 8Y0 is 100% cotton, so is 8Y9, but 8Y9 does stretch out after wear
I went with my thavar size. I'll let you know how this one is if I get it
Me 2, I rarely wear mine afraid it to be ruin. Might just get this so I have a spare.
I agree the price is abit high. But the quality if its exactly like 8bt, I think it's definitely worth it. Plus you can always wait to be on sale. I wouldn't wait too long though since its made to limited qty
http://shop.diesel.com/type-242/00SDEKBGDHX.html?dwvar_00SDEKBGDHX_color=8BS#start=1 Looks to be re-issue of 8BT.
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