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Have you try calling the store?
Shioner 813s on sale at Nordstrom http://m.nordstrom.com/Product/Details/3491551?categoryid=b60167959
Does raw only comes in 19cm now? Or is 17cm still available?
Thanks for the links Sloan. Both zappos and amazon offer the twistar thor in partridge but they don't have the same color. Anyone know which is accurate?
Anyone know where I can get the brown thor in size 41?
DAMN!!! THAT'S NICE!!! I'm definitely want one now. Just need to decide on the color.
When you do, I would like to see how they look.
Any pics of 807v? This is the only one I'm interested in but I've already got shioner 8x6 so not sure if I should get it.
Got pics zdenal?
It's more brownish in real. And under certain lighting its more burgundy, part of reason why I got it.
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