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Thanks leftvapor. When I bought mine, I didn't know one would come with so little yellow. I would of got both pair. What's the lab # on yours? Mine is 006437. And the last small tag behind "application 100% cow leather" has a "3" on it. What does yours say?
@ leftvapor, Very nice review. Like I said in other thread, yours is so much different than mine, colors & yellow tint. Here is mine. Hope you don't mind me posting.
Nice 8s9 audit30
Haha, I totally forgot about that.
I love how yours are much different than mine. Makes me want to get another pair.
Very nice purchase.Does your pair has the brown color tone? Can't tell from the photo.
@gloriouscafe Looks good, not tight at all. I'm jealous you find the pair.
How does it fit with 29? I have heard size up 1 might be a good option on this wash.
@ gpoop, Have you checked eBay?
@gloriouscafe Nice buy on 8y0. From eBay? I can't find 30x32 anywhere.
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