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Many of the samples that's MII and its without the stitching. But you can clearly see where the location of stitching will be.
From eBay. Now that I have this 8ml, I might just sell the other one I got (clean backpocket) ver. BNWT size 30. Look out for it in the mall.
Excess-NT 8ML
Having reach my collection capacity limit, wifey said I couldn't buy anymore until I free some space first. So here they are. Accept Paypal. Shipping $10 within US, $30 internationally. All items (except 8DK) were worn only once or none at all. Additional photos and measurements available upon request. Thavar 880M 31x32 - $220 Thanaz 887K 30x32 - $180 Tepphar 881W 30x32 - $195 Braddom 887D 30x32 - $270 Slammer 73J 30x34 - $155 Thanaz 8DK 29x32 - $120 Thanks for looking.
I have one, used. Let me know?
@ audit30, Definitely do some outside photo of 888p, the colors will just pop.
Oh I see. Just ordered the version with seam, I'll find out the differences between the 2 once I get it in.
Aahz, you have 2 8ml? one with clean back pocket, one with seam across and both excess-nt?
Thanks aahz. I'll have to check my out too. For some reason I recall my is the excess NT@ DC, its the 8BT. Just saw one on eBay too
Very cool zdenal, makes me want to get 813w too
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