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Similar wash pattern available in thanaz 8ys. It's nice.
Super wash DC.
Or you can take the bus. It's available on the strip and one of the stops is at that outlet.
There is 1 store inside the Caesar palace forum shops and another one at the shopping plaza across from Wynn hotel. Both are regular diesel store which should carry all the current season stuff. There is also an outlet off the 15 freeway, I recall about 15 min from the strip. But sorry I don't recall which exit.
Could you tell me where did you find the new one if you don't mind sharing? I would need a 30w. TIA
@ coldsteel, From your pics, the thavar 811p looks fine. It might be even better with 32l imho. If you don't like the low rise thavar, try tepphar. It's mid rise and still skinny.
Diesel length does run about 1" sometimes 1 1/2" longer than tag size. But that's intended for stacking especially on the skinner cut. Can't say about krooley but I do have thavar 811p and I had try few pair before I settle on the one I have. And the reason is because on other pairs the heaviest part of knee fading actually falls below the knee.
Maybe it's the kunz. http://store.diesel.com/gb/dress-shoe_cod44526368ri.html
Could be Jacob.
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