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It only make sense to make the sample attractive. If the sample is average, then no one is going to buy it when release. I still think lets not rule out this wash too quickly. I will check out few pairs when available in store. With a wash that goes through many processes, their bound to be variations, especially made from different labs.
Nice 1 DC. Can you tell me the narrot length? Thanks.
Few items I got at outlet. Converse leather high top
Yes on 30L, but hard to find now. Check yoox or eBay.
Good fit audit. Can you tell me the leg opening measurement? Thanks
Great looking pair 806t. Just hope the leg opening is narrow enough.
It's all about your tolerance on below knee and leg opening; very narrow go for tepphar, for roomie go for thavar. Waist and thigh are pretty similar for the two.
Thanks for the advice.
Too bad.
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