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Is there a DBG version file?
@jeanetic I'm digging the color on those. Wish it comes in krooley jogg though
Love the fit. Narrow below the knee. Looks more like tepphar. Was it altered?
Thanks. I saw that one too. I think it's same, but I wanted in suede. I don't think it was ever released.
Anyone know which boots are these? From DBG ss15 show
Love the jacket art
Wow, is that what heaven looks like? Lol
Would love some up close/detail photos
That was my guess too. I found a deal for $75. It was M size. I guess I'll see how that fit when I receice them in few days. Thanks for the help
http://shop.diesel.com/s-tor/00SDXW0NAFR.html#.VIJHAAAgLA As title stated, looking to buy this shirt. Anyone own this can tell me if shirt runs big? Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: