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very cool @audit30. love the 833y & chuck.
Cool, good to know
Cool tee. Did you get it your normal sizing?
Cool color boots @denim addict
I remember that one, it's a good jacket. Few members here got it I recall.
I just hope diesel will come out a lesser loud version.
I actually don't mind the print on the back. With or without it's a cool looking jacket. Except for those studs.... I don't mind having it but there just too many. I would prefer a line of them alone the edge of the collar.
I do believe there will be holes. Plus the studs are hard press in so even no hole it will leave deep dent. Still won't look good. Paying much money for that result is just not worth it. Yeah, really hope they will come out a none stud veraion
I thought about that, but.. 1) I need to remove allot studs 2) it might leave holes which I'm really afraid of
New Posts  All Forums: