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DA, they look awesome on you. And great review.
Same goes for US
Personally, can't tell where is the issue. But I always feel since you are the one paying for it and will be wearing it, you should feel 100% about the purchase. And any doubt, don't try to convince yourself of accepting as is, just return for an exchange, especially the shop allows return/exchange.
Not sure, have not wash it yet
8y9 turbo
DA 8bs and mine 8bt
Then go with carrot cuts like krooley, darron or tepphar, they will be narrow below the knee with comfy room in thigh
They are amazing indeed. Heavy and stiff, feels just like 8bt. If you missed out on 8bt, I would get this one for sure.
Not bad, hopefully there will be some good type 241 aka superbia washes.
@straychev Have you consider going with thavar jogg? Comfortable and more stretchy. You do loose some washes choices though.
New Posts  All Forums: