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I always say things like that, ending up keeping everything. LOL.
What's the cut/name of the Jean?
I don't think raw will be out of style, ever. Fashion/styles will always circle back. Bootcuts jeans for example was popular couple years back, now it's skinny, and I'm sure it will go back to bootcuts again sometimes later. Even with skinny, I'm sure it's not that popular somewhere, hence why major denim brands offers variety of styles/cuts. A pair of simple wash jean like all black or raw will more likely be the go-to Jean for the general public. I'm certain 9/10 people...
@ hawk, Would love to see some of the fit pics. All my jeans are in hibernation since its so hot in LA, I can only wear shirts. Can't wait to be cold again.
Agree with DA. It's scary how dead this place is right now. Hopefully it will pick up again when the sleenker 846k hits.
846k available on diesel USA again, but smallest size is 30w http://shop.diesel.com/carrot/tepphar-0846k/00CKRI0846K.html?dwvar_00CKRI0846K_color=01#q=Tepphar&start=1
Thanks. I'm about the same as you. I usually take 32l. I've tried 32L in this pair but for some reason it doesn't look good. Somehow the stacking doesn't go well with the jean design. I will give 30l a try when I have the chance
@wickie How tall are you if you don't mind me asking?
DC,You can call diesel store and order, it should still be available
Nice one buddy! Did you get your normal tepphar size or did you size up or down?
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