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Based on the last photo, it does look like ripped in the middle. Maybe you can ask the seller for an exchange?
I wonder how 663q compare to 608h besides the cut difference
How does it look from outside?
Lovely 73v
Nothing in BE for sleenker so far
I size up 1 for 827k
It was something like you get $50 off when purchase over $150, works on new stuff too. It's a small discount when you spent on expensive denim though, but then full retail I guess
I recall there was some discount offered during Black Friday weekend.
Just tried 838p in store, I like it. I'll buy it as soon as it goes on sale, hopefully thanksgiving weekend.
I think with how tight the thigh is on sleenker in general, unless you have skinny chicken legs, might be better to size 1 up. Plus, the waist size is pretty regular on sleenker.
New Posts  All Forums: