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Lol, congrats. You will not regret getting this jean.
Item sold. Oh well, save me some money.Whomever got it definitely got an all time great pair of jean.
Good choice. Hope it will be your desired fit
Maybe look for thavar with elastane/stretch.
But tepphar thigh are not that much bigger though.
So even with size up 1 and getting the thigh loose, it still fit tight?
This would be my second pair if I get it. If I don't own it, I would of got it already.
That should be the original 8bt. The new one doesn't have the paint spots. So tempting to buy it....
Cool thanks
To be honest, most thavar will fit pretty similar in the thigh area. Some might be slightly tighter than others, but most will be around the same, I think about 10.5 inches at crotch. I don't own too many thavar like others here, but for 8x2, I own one in 30w my regular size and 31w, in which 30w is tight at crotch good at waist, 31w is good at thigh but waist good with a belt. So maybe you can consider size 1 up or just get use to the fit.
New Posts  All Forums: