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Hmm.. I don't mind the knees down but thigh is my concern. I think 31w thigh will be too big. But I can't locate 30w anywhere. Maybe I'll just wait for the new tepphar 806q.
Personal preference.
Want want! Is it MII?
Looking to buy tepphar 8y0, not sure if I should stay with 30x32 (same size as my tepphar 881w) or size up one. Advice? Thanks!
I hope the actual jean looks same like these stock photos.Got any photos of 811E?
Thanaz 807s? Super want!!!
I love Nordstrom 👍
Like 807s, very nice everyday wash. Is it 100% cotton?
Oh I see. Do tell how you like them afterwards.
But I don't think 880g comes in any of the cuts you mentioned.
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