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IMO, sleenker has tighter thigh than all of these. If you want a straight skinny jean with small leg opening, sleenker is your cut
FYI, sleenker is very slim throughout, thigh is pretty tight, definitely tighter than tepphar
Sounds good, I'll try that
This is the one I got. Maybe you can tell me if its microwaveable. Lol http://www.vans.com/shop/xtuff-sk8-hi-reissue-true-white-bran
Thanks. I'll leave it be since I'm afraid to ruin it in the microwave.
Will the microwave method damage the material? I got the canvas with treated leather pair.
LOL. I hope she doesn't think you are weird, and kick you out. Could you tell me if your vans stretch out after wear? Or get more loose, comfortable? I just bought my first vans, fit is little tight but can't go up as it will be too big. Please let me know your experience. Thanks.
Nice one DA. Love the color from the shirt to jean
Can't wait phukette
If you are 30w in thavar, you should be fine. Don't know how it compare to replay jeans
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