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SLEENKER 846K. Based on back yoke, leather patch, it's definitely not tepphar. This could be the sample from all the photo advertising we have seen of 846k. Size 32. might be the only one in existence. Too bad it's not my size. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Diesel-Sleenker-32-/262198936093?nav=SEARCH
Just got a sleenker from poppri received today. Looks legit to me
I don't own any SLP and if was going to buy I would buy same size as sleenker for D02s
Same, they have same ID
Nice purchase ghost
Always go with the tag.
Only some of the first release jogg was MII as I recall
Long time no see aahz. Nice fit
There is 31x30 on eBay currently
Very nice ipaul. Is your mid waist one from this season? I've read that one fits very skinny tight, especially below the knee. How does it compare to this distress pair or sleenker? Would love to see the fit pics of both SLP.
New Posts  All Forums: