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That's cool. You've got a super rare pair then. I like the fit too. Congrats
@jeanetic Looks good. Is that paint splatter D01? And from which season?
Interesting the number is 000 out of 000
Did anyone got sleenker 822r? If so, what size did you get? Sorry to ask on this thread. Don't feel a need to start a new post
241 should be more skinny. At least compare to my 241. 251 is more like superbia. As fact, I think they just renamed superbia to 251
Interesting sleenker
This is superbia, skinny fit, very similar to tepphar imo. Which are you comparing to?
Nice. But it's slightly bigger than my preference. Thanks though
Nice and sleek @phukette what's the hem measure at on the tube top?
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