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As long as its raw, I'll get it. Sleenker is my favorite cut right now
I see. Is the waist loose when you up 1? I have in my reg size, the waist is good but thigh is little tight. So I'm not sure if I should up 1 size too
Very nice karacho. Did you size up on 8y0?
Did it fade like raw?
Still a good buy. Can't wait to get mine
Anyone that owns this sleenker could tell me how much does it stretch out after wear? TIA
6 plus?
Nice. Just like store display.I love mine iridium too (left one), but I hate the lace doesn't stay tight.
The name blue eyecon has been overused. It has lost it's uniqueness over the years. They are more just regular jeans to me now
They should look good. But I think your DBG is even better fit.
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