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Would you have the link to that jacket? I'm looking for the diesel ulisse. But seem impossible to find one so this will be a good alternative. Thanks
@ DC 29x32 available on farfetch
Nice jacket. How does it fit?
@Denim Collector That's too bad man. I was close to buy one myself but had the same concern. I think most slp are 34" inseam and I prefer 32". Maybe I just make my own knee rip.
Thanks drip. What's the other 2?
Nice fit El-Nino. Is the 844v a shiny black? Or only appears that way in your photo?
Those are nice zdenal. How much if you don't mind me asking
Thanks for the info. Can't wait for the fit pics
Hi El NiƱo,In comparison, what's your size in sleenker?
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