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Simple + classy = awesomeness!
I'm normally a M in diesel button downs, would I take M for all saints too?
Yes indeed. Thanks
I thought so too based on the color. Thanks
Is that sleenker in 2nd photo?
Do you know the name of the shirt?
 On official US Diesel site, they offering additional 20% on top of current 50% or 60% off. No code require.
So tempted to order 1 and see...
OH NO!!! They changed it to tepphar 846k for the same photo that was listed as sleenker 846k. Does that mean there is no sleenker 846k at all? WTF!!!
I have been collecting Diesel close to 10 years. As my style changes in the recent years, many are just sitting in my closet. I want to sell them so others can enjoy them as much as I did and let them "breath" again.   74K   31x32 8DK   29x32 8DK   30x34 887K  30x32 8YS    30x32 71J     30x32 8QQ   31x32 8QP    31x32 8AA    31x30 806R   30x32 8LP     30x32 71B     30x32 72L     30x34 8B9     30x32 73J     31x32   Adi-Thanaz 8IE   31x32   Diesel Denim...
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