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http://store.diesel.com/it/diesel-black-gold/pantalone_cod36540007gb.html#dept=pntsdsl&itemPage=3 Looking for this DBG pants in black, size 48. If anyone know where available or able to proxy me one, please pm me. Thanks
Thanks, but I might need a S for a fitted look.
Perfect, I will have to check them out in person. Thanks
dbg Paproust
Is your 2nd pair a none zip too? If with zip, can you check about the insole? I recalled reading something about the none zip ones are the earlier version with better quality over the zip ones. Much appreciated.
Are they comfortable? Im thinking about buying one, but have heard they hurt your feet and the insole are paperthin.
Nice look.What color is your basket butch? Is it with zipper?
It's sold.
Very nice DA. Good looking combine with the nudie.
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