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Congrats on both pair. Definitely worth it with discout
Nice buy audit.
That's good to hear.
Dude, so sorry to hear that. Sorry I don't have much advice or tip can provide. But you have my full support.
@ Baltimore, How's color of 823z compare with 827k & 827q? I'm thinking about that one too. I have to size up to 31w for 827k since 30w was sold out on cultizm. But because of thicker denim, its just as good as 827q and 886z.
I should really check out that wash, thanks for the info
@ hawk, Yeah, I'm liking sleenker more and more. Just received 827k and q, both are awesome. Based on your photo, 833f looks to be in between them in terms of color? And did you get your regular size?
@ hawk, How do you like 833f?
Nice old school wash. And welcome
All jeans stretches whether its 100% cotton or cotton/elastane combo. The ones with elastane will keep its shape longer though. But at the end they all do.what I have experienced is the ones with thicker denim/weight don't stretch as much as the lighter ones. I also try to size down on some and ending up with uncomfortable thigh. So I just get my regular size, wear a belt when waist gets loose. At least my thigh doesn't look like a sausage.
New Posts  All Forums: