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I asked him for photos of the jean and here is his reply "i can guarantee all my diesel is 100% auth you have my words i promess and you will receive exactly same jeans and please buy it now".So you make the call what to do.
I can ask about it and proxy you after? As long as you cover all the fees.
Not sure if the price is acceptable, but here it is 32x32. http://m.ebay.com/itm/301324023756?nav=SEARCH
Don't go up to 33, your waist will be huge. Why don't you get the measurement? If you like, I can get you my 30w measurement
My regular size is 30w and I have 887k in 30w. I would prefer 31w. Edit: I also have 74k in 31w. I've tried 30w and the thigh, knee was very uncomfortable.
My 881w is measured 32" In length, same as my 813w, both are 32l on tag
It's a normal tepphar length. I can do a comparison with other tepphar. I recall you have 813w?
Love the detail review, thanks allot phukette. I love the wash too, but the wide leg opening just turn me off. I just buy tepphar and sleenker now.
Love the 830j color, but can't stand the hole/design over the left knee, it's too big and not natural at all. Sad....
Tepphar would be closest with the leg opening.Just search "tepphar" on yoox and you will see what they offer.
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