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Those days are ancient history.
I agree, demand for 73j is not like before. 250 for a new pair is a fair price IMO
Just bought 608h from James. Can't wait to receive it
is this the same sizing as your thavar? I have few sleenker and I always try to size up 1 from my thavar sizing.
Yeah, he might be the only guy that can rock anything and still look awesome.
Someone brave enough to wear this?  
Thank you DC for deleting that guy's comment so quickly. It was getting out of control.
Regardless if you think the Jean is fake or just simply doesn't like what you received, why don't you just returned the item and you will get your money back?I shop online all the time for the convenient factor. With this I sometimes do receive items that's different or its just not what I thought it is, so I just returned back and either exchange or get money back. It's that simple. All part of the online shopping experience.
Please provide some evidence to back up your statement. Any photo of the Jean?
Ok, I'll keep a look out for you.
New Posts  All Forums: