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Ive asked LVR to double check the inventory and verify if has the same details as the online photos. Will see what they say.
I think it might be both 846k was available and since the 2 cuts are pretty similar, one was held back. I just hope they will release it ultimately.
8ne, 8x2 30x32 sold
Won't it be awesome if someone order from lvr and it turns out to be the sleenker. Oh man.
What I think is, its actually available, Diesel made it, just not releasing now. Since they have tepphar 846k, they are pushing til the next season.
 anyone order from LVR to verify if its sleenker or tepphar they receive?
Good luck with the search. I'm sure it will turn up on yoox
@DPonce http://www.gilt.com/brand/diesel-black-gold/product/1115526212-diesel-black-gold-fading-trousers
8bs 29 available through gilt
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