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I've always look for MII washes in the past. Quality are better (IMO) and better washes. But recent non mii washes has definitely step up its game. Now they are not that much different besides the price.
I believe it should be online too. But I'll check with the rep to confirm.
Told by diesel rep "family and friends promotion" starts 3/26. U.S. only I think.
Good to hear that. I'll definitely give a try in the future. Thanks
@jeanetic Could you compare the 15.5cm SLP vs sleenker on the fit? Are they pretty similar? How are the thigh? Thanks
Nice 8BT man!!!
That's a keeper.
Zdenal, Have you try their high top?
I prefer the black too. I have high top in black and white, I always end up picking the black for some reason
Cool detail.
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