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Mostly, but not all. 8Y0 is 100% cotton, so is 8Y9, but 8Y9 does stretch out after wear
I went with my thavar size. I'll let you know how this one is if I get it
Me 2, I rarely wear mine afraid it to be ruin. Might just get this so I have a spare.
I agree the price is abit high. But the quality if its exactly like 8bt, I think it's definitely worth it. Plus you can always wait to be on sale. I wouldn't wait too long though since its made to limited qty
http://shop.diesel.com/type-242/00SDEKBGDHX.html?dwvar_00SDEKBGDHX_color=8BS#start=1 Looks to be re-issue of 8BT.
I really like the color. What's the name?
Nice dc. I wish this jean comes with less rippes. I would be all over it. Which shoes are those?
Nice color on 8x2
I don't have access to my 888p ATM, so I can't measure the inseam for you. But I do recall because of the pre stacking, it runs short.
That's interesting. What size did you get and could you get me some measurements please? Thanks allot.
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