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Too bad I only bought one for DA. Can't buy it for myself, no money
If you bought it in store, why don't you just go back for an exchange?
Glad I can help guys.
I'm nor really sure either. At least it's for sure he doesn't have that size
Both are skinny jeans, tepphar is more carrot fit, so thigh is slightly bigger IMO. Not sure about 607a.
Sorry, size not availabe. Good luck with the hunt
Since seller offers return, I can get it and if no good, then return, you just have to pay return shipping. He is also in Cali, shipping should take no more than 1 day
The message I typed is exactly what he said. I used the listing to ask the question, so it should obvious I'm inquiry on this pair. By his reply, it looks like its available. But I personally don't like how he responded.
I asked him for photos of the jean and here is his reply "i can guarantee all my diesel is 100% auth you have my words i promess and you will receive exactly same jeans and please buy it now".So you make the call what to do.
I can ask about it and proxy you after? As long as you cover all the fees.
New Posts  All Forums: