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I would suggest size up 1.I have 827k which I up 1. I did try 838p in store and sizing up 1 was much comfortable.
Nice, thanks for the info DieselBoy.
@DieselBoy786 Does sleenker 840k comes in other color? And is it a thick/rigid denim? Thanks
Looking good karacho. The holes on 608k are reinforced inside?
It's 92% cotton, 6% polyester, 2% elastane?
They still look different to me. Can you tell me where you got them from? I might pick up too. Yes buy more DBG. They are great.
Cool thanks. They look much different than diesel online photos.
You are right. He does look good.
Did anyone watched the super bowl half time show? I think Lenny kravitz was wearing the SLP crash jeans?
Very nice DBG, what is the wash code?
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