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Just got my SLP D02, love the blue color. But I think previous owner must have stretched the waist allot even though item was listed as "new without tag". Anyone have suggestions on how to reduce the waist size? I'll have some photos soon.
I'm looking for a light blue pair d02. Preferred to be plain, than distressed with rippes. Any recommendation on which season offers that version as all I can find are ones with rippes. Thanks
Thanks for the info. Mine looks just like yours so I guess only the material is different. But good to know they are waterproof. I always wanted white leather from CP but too expensive. So kept this one from gift. They are brand new just sitting in my closet. Maybe I should sell it.
Does vans shoes retain or increase value overtime?
Thanks for the photo. Mine says "xtuff" instead of premium leather. I'm not much of a vans fan so don't really know the difference.
Sorry, tag on box thanks
Good deal. Can you show me a picture of the label please? I received a pair looks just like yours as a gift sometime ago. Will be good to know the value. Thanks
How much are they DA?
Which season is from? And what's the inseam?
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