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Welcome back man!
Will try that. Thanks
Do you know if this boots runs big? That might be the only chance I can wear 7.5
Thanks allot
@Daaan Thanks for the info. I'm on farfetch everyday hoping they restock my size. I really prefer the gold heel ver though. Does your local store offer them? Maybe you can proxy me a pair? US is sold out in my size too.
I'm planning to buy some myself. But as far as I can tell, type 252 is like the old excess cut, which is very similar to thavar
Looking for this DBG boots. If anyone know where to buy a pair or be able to proxy me, I will be greatly appreciated. Need size 41 or 42. http://store.diesel.com/gb/diesel-black-gold/dress-shoe_cod44741148ij.html
I know. With 886a, since MII was available, I try to get that. This sleenker is good as is. I'll get it most likely.
Oh that's pretty cool.I was on the hunt for tepphar 886a for quite awhile but could never find it in my size that's made in Italy. With sleenker, I might just get this instead.Thanks for posting
Is that grey?
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