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http://shop.diesel.com/s-tor/00SDXW0NAFR.html#.VIJHAAAgLA As title stated, looking to buy this shirt. Anyone own this can tell me if shirt runs big? Thanks
Cool boots
I've seen really bad wash pattern on 8sv. It's aweful. So I reay never like 8sv since. But your pair are really nice. If I see something like that, I would buy for my collection.
very nice, but too bad its not available in Krooley. I prefer Krooley over Thavar for Jogg.
 Nice buy Art! Would love to see how it fits.
http://shop.diesel.com/elshar-joggjeans/00S2EK0837C.html?dwvar_00S2EK0837C_color=02#start=1   not sure if this is the 837C, but its available in XS
Good info art. Thanks. I really want to visit the black gold store.
Cool jacket art. Hope you find it. I have 2 jackets in mind too, with discount is tempting
So the sale will be 30% off most item. No on jogg. Will be online too.
I see he is into playing doctor. like father like son. Good fit on the slp too.
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