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  Hi,   Can someone could help me to choose my size shoes with the brand "ask the missus" please ?   my foot measurement is 26,5 cm long   i used to wear 42 or 43, depends brands   Thank you.
Yes the question was for mindtheqaspar, sorry
  You find already Hedi's jeans on store ?   And please give measurements of your W31 jeans please :)
Do you a pic of you wearing it ?
If you have a pic with your W32 on you to compare with my kind of wearing, it would be nice ^^
  My others jeans do 44cm too so it's better choose a W32 raw.   Some people told me to take the W31 because of the streching but i'm afraid with my thigh. I think it will be too skinny for me with W31
Thank you for your answer :) KVA is the latest jeans collections ? the jeans that are still on sale on Luisaviaroma ?
  Hi, can someone give me measurements of a Dior homme raw indigo Size W31 please ?? I don't know if i have to buy the W31 or W32, i'm 43,5 - 44cm laid flat with my others jeans
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