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I'm surprised you didn't mention Dior yet. :P
Wow, such altruistic manner... You're an excellent husband! ;D If you find it suitable, you may post some fit pics! Glorious, you have a beautiful cat!
It's Tepphar 822I. Note that there's a grey and an indigo version of this wash.
@straychev Shoes are Diesel Ikadua from Spring/Summer 2013 collection. @stmky You're right about the 824P's, don't know about the pair in the previous post either.
I'm glad that sizing down on the Tepphar 602M worked out well for you, they fit you really nice! :) Now I'm curious about seeing this wash in real life, I imagine it to be soft and comfy...   As for the Jogg Jeans, I wouldn't say you need to size up... They look good on you! They do fit tight indeed, but I'm afraid that size 30 would turn out to be quite saggy...
Don't worry about the sleeves, they seem to have the perfect length. Overall, great fit on the jacket, shirt, shoes and Thavar 811P!
Just to clarify, the percentage rates I have stated are based on the item's retail price. Personally, I've bought items at -75% off. With that being said, only a few selected items reach -80%, it's still possible nonetheless. Considering how fast items are sometimes sold out after reductions, one will usually have to settle at 30% – 50% discount.
From my experience, sales for items of the summer collection start in May. Note that the discounts are constantly increased every month, reaching up to -80% until September.   Also, there are always promotions that are announced irregularly, like the Diesel Special Sale last spring!
That is one nice outfit! Would love to see it in combination with a nice blazer. ;)  I loved that quote from the movie Hangover!
Awesome, congratulations on getting those! =D
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