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Really cool wash, Sleenker is definitely your cut! ^^
Those look super dope man. :D
Audit, loving the suit and you did a great job choosing the right tie! The shoes look awesome as well! :)
Karacho for sure! ^^
Not exactly beige, but Tepphar 8PK maybe?  
Also, faulty items that are being sold at outlets have to be explicitely labelled as such. However, you'll most likely not notice the difference, at least I've come across numerous items that were categorised as B-stock and there were no noticeable mistakes.
 I really appreciate that you put a lot of effort into dressing and selecting/matching different pieces of clothing. However, when putting together outfits and building a wardrobe in general, your motto should be: less is more. Try to focus on the basics and once you've got that down, you can go for a couple of statement pieces. Your wardrobe should consist of key basic pieces such as nice fitting plain shirts, basic tees (whatever neck you like) and pants that go for any...
Absolutely love those shoes, great buy! :)   That DBG shirt looks great as well, too bad it doesn't fit you right. :/
Would you like to share some worn pics? I've heard a lot of this cut so far, but never really seen pics that show the cut well.
You might like Tepphar 833Y from the new collection. Then, there are washes like 806Q or 822R with subtle fading or 822I with coating, if you're in to that. The most basic current black wash would be 886Z. Finally, theres another black Tepphar Jogg that goes by the wash code 807G, basic black wash.
New Posts  All Forums: