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I got blue ink on my gray TRs once. I just put some detergent on the stain & rubbed it in, then washed the jeans. It came right out.
Quote: Originally Posted by braveislander Of the 4 TRs I own I have lost two back pocket buttons, broken a zipper and had an abrasion turn into an all out tear. Any Disco owner is DEFINITELY going to replace at least 1 crystal. Just so you know I rank R&R and SFAM even lower than TR. To each their own...but if some douche wants to brag to me about his $340 jeans then I'm going to piss on his parade. what are you doing to your jeans to...
I have 3 pairs of discos... I'd have more if... the color of the red denim was a darker red I came across more I have about 5 pairs of supers, if I came across more I'd have more You may not be willing to spend a lot of money on TRs, but a lot of people do. was at the TR store last week, I went back today, almost every pair of mens rainbows they had last wed, was gone today. As many pairs of true religion I have, I have not had one piece of hardware break off. No...
It looks like you need to pull them up a bit.
Quote: Originally Posted by aquapoppie ^Awesome collection! So jealous of your wingers/revolvers~~ I'm still kicking myself for selling my valadium hearts... the revolvers don't fit. I bought them, then somehow manage to get them to shrink, then I lost weight. If I could get them to shrink a little more (or if I gained the weight back) I'd be fine. The methanes don't fit either, but I can't sell them. I want to replace them with a smaller size.
Methane winger, Quaalude winger, Ozone revolver, Oxygen winger Dark vapor roths w/ meridian crystals, Dark trick roths w/ crystals, Codeine roths w/ black diamond crystals, Dark vapor w/ erinite crystals I put the DV meridians backwards to show the crystals, the other pocket isn't finished yet. DV custom red crowns, Dv pink crowns, Addict white crowns, Champagne? crowns Radion silver crown, 70s wash crown, Electrolyte wicked, Methane berlin Validium flaming hearts,...
I own 2 pairs of Heidis, but have tried on a lot more As trjeansrock said they aren't really similar to joeys. Joeys are like a flare, whereas hiedis are a bell bottom, I would compare it to Jennifer/Jill The rise is super low, on my 25s the rise is about 6 inches. Long shirts are a must with Heidis The dark drifter is TTs to slightly small (I stayed my tts size with them) the savannahs are IMO at least 1 size big. I tried them on in a size smaller than what I normally...
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