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Hey guys, I'm trying to score some points with my mother in law. =)   She's in charge of her class reunion this year and they are wanting to do a fashion show from their era.   She is looking for some vintage bells like she used to wear. Wide, elephant bottoms and low waist.   She is wanting me to model for her, so they'd have to be around a size 26.   If I can't find vintage jeans, then some newer jeans that look really vintage might work!   I...
Super cute Rock & Republic size 28 jeans. These jeans are the "Kiedis" style, which are a bootcut fit.   They are in great shape overall, with some wear on the hems (shown in photo). The hems have been altered, with the original hems, and they are still 33.5" long.  Make me an offer! I can't fit these jeans and they are just taking up my space! =) Measurements Waist: 16" Rise: 8" Inseam: 33.5" Leg opening: 9"
Ok, I'm not going to lie, when I first saw the celebs wearing their highwaisted vintage Levi cutoffs, I gasped and covered my eyes. Kind of like the first time I ever saw someone wearing a pair of skinny jeans. And, like then, I saw it again and this time the gasp, and then my fingers began to part and I took a peek. The next time, I peeked a little longer. And, then next time no gasp at all.   Well, since then I've seen a lot of vintage Levi cutoffs and like my...
Can anyone tell me if these TR's are authentic or not?? I appreciate it!  
Thanks so much!!! Now, if only they fit me :(
Hey guys, I was just wanting some of you jean-geniuses to help me out... Can anyone tell me if these R & R's are authentic or not? They seem like it to me, but I am wanting to sell them and I really don't want to sell them as authentic if they are not. And, if they are, what kind price would be fair for them?? I can post more pics, but they are in excellent shape. The only thing is that they have been altered (with the original hem intact) down to 34".... which, of...
Hi Everyone! I'm sorry these pics are so huge! I'm not really sure how to scale them down! Anyhow, I was needing some opinions on these Rock & Republic jeans.. Do they look authentic to you? If so, what would a good price be for something like this? They are in great condition, but have been hemmed (the original hem is still remaining) and are still forever long! Anyhow, I appreciate any wisdom all of you jean-geniuses have. :)
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