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A friend of mine said she read an article that revealed the new Aritizia Base store on Robson, has LE Sevens made exclusively for them. Anyone seen em yet? They're suppose to be dark denim with gold and silver stitching. Just curious as to what they look like....
Quote: Originally Posted by Tboneia I think I actually like these better than the original Sammys. They just look like they would be more flattering to my body type. Everyone can't wear Sammys. I completely agree. The slash pockets on the sammys were not kind to me. I had to have them sewn shut, to aviod the puckering.
I think they look like they're cut a bit wider in the thighs---or maybe that model just has slim legs...I haven't found them at stores in my area yet, so I may have to purchase online, just to try em. =(
Do these jeans have the same fit as the old sammys? How's the sizing?
Are the pockets on these larger than the old style? They look great on you BTW.
Quote: Originally Posted by _inwonderland revolve, the 7-11 on 33rd & Knight for sure has Buzz Cola ($0.99) and the pink frosted donuts ($1.49), I was just there a couple of hours ago. The cola tastes like PC stuff, imo. lopez_lova, I dunno about the Thurlow location...too many bums, imho. The Kwik-E-Mart needs parkin spots mgoose is right, the line up at the Kwik-E-Mart is nuts, even in the morning! My brother-n-law came back with a...
I'd say TTS to 1/2 a size big. Mine stretched out, but not enough to go down an entire size.
I went to another 7-11 looking for some buzz cola, but they were sold out already. They're gonna have the Kwik-E-Mart for a whole month, so maybe I'll make a trip there when the hype dies down.
So to promote the new Simpsons movie being released this summer, a select few 7-Eleven stores were turned into "Kwik-E-Marts." I was just wondering if anyone's visited and what does it look like? Kwik-E-Mart Vancouver, BC
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