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TIA!! (: *color is NYD
Paige Premium Laurel Canyon Vintage Lace Embroidery in Medium Clean Does anyone know where I can buy these? Revolve doesn't have my size anymore. I'm looking for a 25. TIA!!
http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-ROCK-and-REP...QQcmdZViewItem ^Hello, Are those real? Thanks!
^How much does it cost to hem? Where do ya'll go to get your jeans hemmed? And what's the price range? Thanks!
If I wear a size 25, would a 26 in maternity fit me? They said to size up one from your normal size for the maternity jeans. kay thanks!
^I really like these and i want them a lot! but most of the online boutiques i checked are sold out of my size 24or25. where else can i find them? thanks beforehand!
are the buttons suppose to be really bright gold/copper? these are my 2nd pair, my other ones are not as bright..
^ i just got these from designs by stephene they are new york dark wash style U075080U cut 708818 as you can see in the picture, the pocket is blank? is this because its new? and they changed it, or is this a fake? thanks!
http://cgi.ebay.com/ORANGE-A-POCKET-...cmdZ ViewItem ^hi, does anyone know if these are real or not? thanks ahead of time.
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