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I'm really needing a pair of Zatiny 27x30 802C for a christmas gift but Diesel is sold out online and all throughout the country as well. Please help! 
Thanks guys, I tried out some Vikers and Safados. They look great with a dress boot but goofy in my opinion with a sneaker. I will take everyone's advice and try for the New Fanker. A couple of quick questions, does the thigh and short rise still fit the same as the Zatiny?
I'm looking for dark washes preferably in a 27 or 28 waist and 30 in length. Shoot me any offers with pictures please. I'm considering EVERYTHING. Thanks!
I'm desperate. I am looking for very dark washes or black/grey. I can't find anything these days. I used to have the 8LG wash and someone else did the laundry and ruined them. The worst. I also had a pair of the khaki cords but they ripped. They were 4 years old though. Makes sense. I know they have done a few colors in the cords so just let me know what you have. It would be an easy sell. I hope to hear back. Shoot me your price, Thanks!
I love Diesel Jeans but they haven't made any new washes for the Zatiny cut since October 2011. Are there any brands or styles out there that have the same lowrise and fit as these do? I've been exclusively wearing Diesel for about 4 years now. I found what fit and looked great and stopped looking so I am not current on other brands. Any help at all would be great. I wear a 28x30. I don't know if that matters or not. Thanks.
I never found a better fitting jean than Diesel. It's all I wear because I really don't know of any other companies who come close to their cut of a Zathan or Zatiny. My favorite is the Zathan. The ONLY thing that bothers me about them is that they only come in blue was washes. I want grays and blacks. Can anyone help me out different brands that have very similar cuts? Also take into mind I wear 28x30.
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