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Cargo? Pretty much all TR cargos are screwed up in someway. I mean shorts that look like the jeans.. flap pockets.. basicly the joey thats a short. errr this blows. Jeans are pretty hot in AZ
Really? I have never seen them..
The person that thought of designing this skirt should get fired and re-located to DressBarn.
Does any other people think that TR should also make mens shorts??
So I finally located the Jimmy Big T Jacket on Ebay and in my size.. I've been wanting it forever. It was on Ebay for like 99.99 with about thirty minutes or so with left NO bids. I was going to buy it but I had recently lost my wallet and cencelled all my credit cards and such, so I could not purchase it. Well the jacket had one bid at the 99.99 and I contacted the seller and told her / him that if they ever found a jacket I would buy it from her. But I could not now...
They're an awesome deal, but I fear that the whole embroidery summer trend thing will be over after August / September. If you can wear the sh*t outta them before then.. THEN GO FOR IT!!!!
Maybe its because it looks more like a guys jean by true religion than girls. ?
Nice Pics!! I love the DPE on ya!
NICE SAMMIES NAKEDMOSHER! That isnt a Pucci band is it??? I LOVE the cargo pants Christie! Lookin awesome!
Its probably best that you do a thread search. There are SOO many treads on this.
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