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I have a pair of Viker 8XY and I am wondering are Viker 73N as slim as them? My Viker 8XY is just about slim enough, any less slim and it would be baggy. If all Vikers are the same fit I did not know that and didn't know how to find that out so it is not my fault that I did not know that.
I've seen 88z up close and it has blue in it.
What date will all the styles be on the online store?
  Something similar, something dark blue and plain all over, an almost formal looking color like the 88z. Apparently from the 'master list' thread of cuts, Timmen and Safado are a very similar fit to Viker, and so far I see Timmen 8z8 but it looks slightly too gray and not blue enough.
Will there be a Viker fit jeans that is similar wash to 88Z? I'm looking for that type of color and the Viker (slim fit but not skinny) in 27-32 fits me pretty well.
Also is there a difference between New York Dark and Los Angeles Dark in how slim the thigh is? From the photos it seems like it... http://yfrog.com/mtnewyorklosangelesp
Don't say go to a store and try there are no stores where I live. What is the real waist of the Standard jeans in 28? I have Diesel Viker-R-Box in 28 and it is slightly baggy around the thigh even though the description said 'Regular Slim'. However I have two Viker in 27 and they are OK. Are Seven For All Mankind Standard jeans less baggy? I don't want the 'Slimmy' by the way the leg opening looks small.
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