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I think he's swedish or something. Gotta love that mustache
Quote: Originally Posted by Sigmatic even adam corolla went soft on her today.... Yea that was weird
dr. strangelove labyrinth pulp fiction me & you & everyone we know
Gorgeous. MJ is my fave as well
You can read his plays here: Cho Seung-Hui's Plays - News Bloggers
I don't think Rowling would kill Harry, since the theme of the series is basically "good over evil," and Harry pretty much represents the "good" from now on. I just hope Snape, Neville, Hagrid, and Lupin don't die, but I have a hunch that at least two of those listed will perish. Oh, the 7th book is gonna be absolutely brutal.
I'll be visiting UC Berkeley next Thursday for spring break. Any good shopping/fun in or around that area? Good places for meals? (But don't break my wallet). I know some members here graduated from Cal, I just forgot whom. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
Definitely invest in a Logitech. I love mine! Around $30.
Visiting UC Berkeley, baby!
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