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Always nice to see pics :D
Those dbg are kickass, please don't buy 29w. I want to buy them on sale
Dude, don't forget to make pics when you get your 71j and 73j back !!:D
Dudes..... tookwick4ya did bid on 18th, that guy did it on 20th. and the highest bidder is tookwick4ya, so why is it weird that he has 3 feedbacks     But anyway, too expensive for my taste, as the jeans are very used.
Thanks for pics bro! So 888q is like 74k, very stiff. But it will get softer the more you wear it.
Here also H by Hudson, great with tepphar indeed, and my tapered krooley and thavar :D  and if you can spend a lil more, then diesel chrom hi for sure!
that's one sick wash ! :o even better than asos pics.
Yeah that's what I thought, but then I went to the store to re-check them, and all pairs I saw had a yellow tint. Not like asos, but definitely like the 2 links I posted above. Mine looked just like the pics I posted, no yellow at all. (unfortunately the store has only big sizes like 32+)
Good stuff bro. I have 8y0, it's an awesome wash for sure. I also bought darron 8x8 from yoox, but it was like I was wearing bootcut... too loose for me. Sent it back.
Guys, the 888p was the coolest jeans I ever had, but I sent them back because I really want a yellow toned pair. So asos will have 29/30 in stock again, all good sizes are sold out, so if you want my pair , better check asos when it comes available again. I'm going to search for a yellow-ish tinted pair
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