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dude those sizes are always in stock. sizes like 29/30 are never available :(
Thanks for pics bro's.   I like the 74z (especially when I saw it in shioner), only the front is kinda weird... the white fading on the tights is too much.. If you could get a more subtle wash, and add some holes, it could become a 71j ;p
tookwick4ya, could you also post pics of 74z :D Would be awesome.   You can use tinypic or something
Yo that's not me on the pic. It's the guy from my local store. @tookwick4y true, but denim wise they are the same
  I think I now know why it's called 8880m, it's excactly the same denim like 880m, only without the dirty stuff, and different disstressing.   @tookwick4ya, yeah like 880m it's very soft. I thought it would stretch big time when I bought 880m sized down, but it just doesn't stretch :( I'm just lost, I can never buy a correct size.
Yea I had 74k, but I don't think they look similar. I see, too damn expensive for me. It's like god made them. Hopefully I can get it at sale?
Guys, if this black gold pair isn't the end of awesomeness, then don't what is http://zozo.jp/shop/diesel/goods.html?gid=1344148&did=&cid=27445
http://www.coggles.com/item/Diesel/Krooley-0800A-Dark-Denim-Jog-Jeans/A1TT aka thavar 8x2 jogg jeans.
Here also yellow :P http://www.zalando.nl/diesel-thavar-straight-leg-blauw-di122a03q-951.html
Yeah ok, mine pics are bit darker than real, but not that light like your pics. So I think they are just the same.   Btw http://www.debijenkorf.nl/diesel-slimfit-jeans-thavar-8008030009 I don't know , but here the jeans are again yellow, like pics from asos. I have seen the jeans in the same store yesterday, there was no yellow-ish tint on all of the jeans. I like the yellow ones more.    
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