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the 2nd pic is how it really looks
Braddom same opening leg is very small and as tepphar???????????????? Don't think so bro. It's more krooley opening leg, 18-20cm.
That's what I thought man!!! I like the 8kw alot, so when I saw the Safado 888J (http://store.diesel.com/nl/regular-slim-straight_cod36293458tt.html) I thought damn it looks like 8kw. Then I saw it's also available on thavar. But go ahead and look on cultizm , they have thavar 888j, it looks nothing like asos! And since asos pics are always too beautiful to be true, I think the pics on cultizm are what they look like in real.
It's THAVAR 888J
More pics:     they fit like my thavar 880m 28w which fit me f'ing tight (these are 29w30L) , but I think it will stretch, in width and in lenght. Anyone who ever tried or has 74k will understand.
you're sleeping
i like the big contrast. my thavar 8x2 has a very little fading... dont like as much as those 8x2's with an almost white fading
  True story about karacho, I don't how he wears his jeans but they fit all perfect. Those krooleys look slim like thavar, hows that possible :O   @denim collector: they match with everything, chino's, black jeans, even blue jeans !
Never had experience with that, but put the tags back and send it back, and wait what happens. worst case you only pay for the return postage fees, they will I think send it back to you for free.   Went to diesel store today to try thavar 888p before I receive them :d but they didnt have them, but I have to say shioner 74z and thanaz 8880m looked quite cool.. ! oh and 8x2 joggjeans :D
@denim collector: http://www.asos.com/Diesel/Diesel-Juzicon-Denim-Jacket/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=1564605
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