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Yeah that's what I thought, but then I went to the store to re-check them, and all pairs I saw had a yellow tint. Not like asos, but definitely like the 2 links I posted above. Mine looked just like the pics I posted, no yellow at all. (unfortunately the store has only big sizes like 32+)
Good stuff bro. I have 8y0, it's an awesome wash for sure. I also bought darron 8x8 from yoox, but it was like I was wearing bootcut... too loose for me. Sent it back.
Guys, the 888p was the coolest jeans I ever had, but I sent them back because I really want a yellow toned pair. So asos will have 29/30 in stock again, all good sizes are sold out, so if you want my pair , better check asos when it comes available again. I'm going to search for a yellow-ish tinted pair
karacho, which wash is that? Have you pics from some other website
Haha yeah didn't pay attention to the username :p Damn nice bro, and all in your size?   Dieselicious, yes they are limited, you can only buy them in diesel store. As far I know tokyo, ny, london, milan have them... don't know about other stores. But I guess at least 1 diesel store in each country should have them.
Hahaa tookwick4ya, I just found out you're the 74k guy :p   @other guys pics of 75G  
 Yeah, I also feel like I'm wearing bootcut when wearing my 880M xD
dude very nice ! :D i thought they were exactly the same , denim wise. because 880m is also very soft denim, but not stretchy at all, and also kind of loose from knees down. So 8880M is even softer and looser .
dude those sizes are always in stock. sizes like 29/30 are never available :(
Thanks for pics bro's.   I like the 74z (especially when I saw it in shioner), only the front is kinda weird... the white fading on the tights is too much.. If you could get a more subtle wash, and add some holes, it could become a 71j ;p
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