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Get ready for FW14 already http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/01_Diesel/FW14_Preview/DIESEL%20PREFALL%202014%20-%20STILL%20LIFE/PREFALL%202014%20-%20MALE%20STILL%20LIFE/PREFALL%202014%20-%20MALE%20DENIM%20STILL%20LIFE/
Woooooh too fine! Love the first fit.
Ok ok I see it. Look at this
I bought my normal size 29. It was already a little loose, but I didn't mind. But I just wore them for the second time, and I have the feeling they are really loose. I mean I have tepphar 601q which is much tighter (wore them 10 times already), and I even had tepphars in 30w which I had to sell because they were tight... and now these feel like 31 or so, dafuq. Will get tepphar 887v 29 soon, so I can do another comparison. Anyway, best thing to do is size down 1 compared...
Nice outfits like always! Btw guys who were interested in Tepphar 820s, be sure to size down!!! It becomes hella loose......
Shiiit love the new sleenker
Guys I think it's a new thing. My 820s has also its size tag like this. I Bought 3 pairs of 820s and all 3 were like this. All straight from diesel store.
Oh wow so many nice feedback, thanks! Zdenal & hawk, don't know which tepphars you have but these fit like 813w. They are thin and loose. These are 29w30l so my normal size. I could size down but to not to get the legging effect I will keep em. Sanibeldude, I got them from diesel online store. I think they have 34L.
Ah yes Tepphar 820s. I got 3 pairs, I took the right one. Thanks guys.
What do you guys think of tepphar 820s?
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