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They are 29
@Aahz, I think only the back pockets @DC, I still have my 8BT if you're interested, barely worn. They won't go for cheap tho
zdenal where is that vest from? need a black vest.
We haven't seen excess-nt 8ml on yoox yet, or if I remember correctly it appeared in 1 or 2 sizes...(or it was excess again after it was sold out) so I think and hope they will appear on yoox soon.
Very nice
8ML was re-released 2 or even 3 times. Not only on different cuts (there's also a straight/wide cut), but also in the same cut, excess(nt).edit: ok I see it now. The re-release was in the excess-nt cut. The one with lower fading and plain back pocket is excess cut.
Yeah I contacted him, but he was looking for a size bigger.
Thanks iPaul and drumedge. Thanks Ramirez, same goes for you!
Good looks everyone. Haters gonna hate but I got Ramizes' excess 8ml. Love it! But it feels weird wearing these after wearing tepphar and superbia for couple of weeks. It feels like wearing a bootcut.
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