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Guys I think it's a new thing. My 820s has also its size tag like this. I Bought 3 pairs of 820s and all 3 were like this. All straight from diesel store.
Oh wow so many nice feedback, thanks! Zdenal & hawk, don't know which tepphars you have but these fit like 813w. They are thin and loose. These are 29w30l so my normal size. I could size down but to not to get the legging effect I will keep em. Sanibeldude, I got them from diesel online store. I think they have 34L.
Ah yes Tepphar 820s. I got 3 pairs, I took the right one. Thanks guys.
What do you guys think of tepphar 820s?
Shit did you put on some weight? Levislad isn't gonna like that.
Blue eyecons are supposed to go through a 2-3days process, 8-9 times of washing, but yeah it's all marketing..
Nice, got tepphar 807s
Yes westrags is a legit website, I have bought stuff from there.
Oh wow really nice
Nice jeans, on my wishlist!
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